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A Pair of Temple Lions on Stand

A Pair of Temple Lions on Stand
During the years of China Emperor in the Forbidden City, Beijing, Temple Lions are place in front of the imperial palace to protect the emperor from any harm or unwanted evil intention from its enemies. Temple Lions are one of the mythical creatures frequently showing the Male playing with a ball while the Female has its claws on its baby.
The ball that step by the Male Lion represents authority and command. For the Female Lion, its claws over its cub symbolizes protection and loyalty.
Place a Temple Lions at your entrance on your home to prevent unwanted harm to you. By place a pair of Temple Lions, it will prevent any killing energy and prevent people with any evil intention to harm you or your family. For example, Black Magic.
Temple Lions should be place outside your home and not inside your resident. It should be place at your entrance to your house. Always place the Temple lions high up and not sitting on the floor. Always put the Male Lion on the left hand side of your entrance (inside looking out) and the Female Lion on the right hand side on your entrance facing outside your house.
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Dimension Approximately 11.0cm height x 3.5 x 6.7cm length x 4.5cm width.
Material Polystone / Earth Material.
Color Jade Green.
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