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Apple Peace Hanging

Apple Peace Hanging

This is your feng shui must-have amulet in 2019 to protect against harmful stars and attract good luck!

Carry this amulet with red apple-shape and the all-powerful mantra to overcome the nasty effects of the quarrelsome star#3; paving the way for more peaceful and harmony year ahead. This gorgeous amulet helps to keep the argumentative energy under control. This is the excellent cure to subdue the argumentative star #3. The combination of fire and metal will control the wood energy. Carry along with you to avoid conflict, legal dispute, argument, and disagreement.

In Feng Shui, apples are a symbol of peace and abundance. The Chinese word for apple, "ping", sounds like the word for 'peace'. The fruit itself is ripe, succulent and juicy, representing a rich and happy life for the owner. This beautiful amulet keychain invites peace and harmony into your life. Carry this amulet with you at all times if you seem to be quarrelling or disagreeing with others in the workplace or at home. Clip it on your handbags or laptop bags, and it brings peace and harmony with you everywhere you go.

The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.

- As with all feng shui items, once the amulet is damaged or tarnished, it has to be replaced as soon as possible.

SKU SKU18621  
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimension Approximately 5.6cm x 5.8cm x 1.0cm thickness.
Material Alloy and PU.
Color Gold, Black and RED.
Our price: US$13.80 (AUD 20.29)
Market price: US$22.80