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Authentic Tibetan OLD 5 Eyed and OLD 9 Eyed dZi Beads Bracelet for Success and Protection

Authentic Tibetan OLD 5 Eyed and OLD 9 Eyed dZi Beads Bracelet for Success and Protection


This is a very rare and gorgeous authentic TIBETAN Agate OLD 5 and OLD 9 Eyed dZi beadsOLD 5 Eyed dZi dimension is approximately 3.9 x 1.1cm and 3.9 x 1.2cm for OLD 9 Eyed. overall length of the bracelet is about 20.5 cm or 8.0 inches.

In Tibet's mystery medicine books, dZi Beads are described to heal illnesses, particularly blood-related diseases and will protect a person from ill-willed enemies and from their evil curses. The stone will remove all obstacles so that a person will be protected from accidents, natural disasters, and accidental deaths, such as some unfortunate people experience by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dzi beads bring good luck, good Karma and happiness, long life and protection to its owner.

OLD dzi beads are extremely precious and rare. No matter how many or how few eyes they bear, all dZi beads possess the mystic power of bringing luck, warding off evil, stabilizing blood pressure, guarding against apoplexy and enhancing body strength.

The OLD Five Eyed and OLD NINE Eyed dZi is strung with natural HETIAN jade gemstones to strengthen the power of the DZI. This Dzi has the power to welcome in wealth from 5 different directions. Representing the Five Directional Wealth God, by wearing this Dzi, you be blessed with wealth, material gains, helpful people, good fortune and success. Nine-Eyed Dzi is said to build up a lenient and caring heart for the owner, helps to gain fame and benefits as well as increasing the owner’s wealth. 9 Eyed Dzi is one of the most sought after, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence. This Dzi is touted as a window to wisdom.

The 9-Eyed dZi bead endows the wearer to expand his intelligence and wisdom. This type of Dzi bead is also well documented in modern Asian circles for its "mysticism" and "power" by several people who wore them and survived near death experiences. This bead is often considered the unofficial wealth bead. The 9 eye Dzi bead may assist the owner of this bead to become rolling in wealth. The wealth will be gained through one’s own work. This bead attracts attention and assists in causing fame to increase. The Nine Eyed Dzi assists the entrepreneur in finding their ideas and strengths. The Nine-Eyed Dzi bead also assists its owner to gather wealth, achieve good health, success in career, gain power, compassion, glory, and expelling evil & acts as a protector.

It is believed that the 9 eye Dzi bead is able assist its owner in achieving the Nine-fold Merits. The Nine-fold merits are compassion, glory, everlasting brightness, fame, dignity, authority, control, reputation and the removal of obstacles. Accumulation of meritorious virtue, increases compassionate, separates from suffering and gains advantage.

Wearing this bracelet, the owner is said to collect nine types of merits, which helps to purify negative karma, dissolving all obstacles and bringing immense benefits. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence, and to enhance his/her reputation further. It also brings luck of wealth and windfall luck to the wearer.

It is recommended that this bracelet to be worn on your right hand instead of left hand to absorb wealth energy. All our bracelets are customizable. Please email to us with your wrist size after you have placed your order. The Dzi bead can be wear by anyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these dzi beads are non religious appertain. The main purposes are for healing and enhance one’s energy.

The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.

Note: This bracelet comes with a gift box.

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimension OLD 5 Eyed dZi dimension is approximately 3.9 x 1.1cm and 3.9 x 1.2cm for OLD 9 Eyed. 0.9 cm and 1.1 cm natural hetian jade beads.
Material Authentic Old Agate dZi beads and natural HETIAN jade gemstones.
Color Dark Brown, white and jade green with black spots.
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