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Bronze Wu Lou

Bronze Wu Lou
Wu Lou is represented the health and it is often associated with the Deities, in particular the God of Longevity (Sau). Display this Wu Lou in the sector corresponding to your Tien Yi direction if you are suffering from ill health. This Wu Lou with the pa kua at the bottom will bring protection and blessings to the family members. It will also help alleviate the bad energy caused by the inauspicious illness-bringing annual black flying star #2. Also, place the wu lou at the each side of your bed to protect you from any illness.

Usage of gourd/wu lou in feng shui:

• To weaken sickness-related stars

• To enhance personal health luck

• To enhance health luck of household

• To dissolve illness energies

• To attract wealth and blessings

• To dissipate bad luck

• To improve love relationship

• To boost fertility

• To negate overhead beam’s harmful effects

• To disperse sha qi (malevolent energies)

• To reduce risk of traffic accidents

• To serve as a gift

Things to note:

- Many gourds sold in feng shui stores have a red ribbon or red thread tied around them, said to be for enhancement or activation purposes. However, if the gourds are to be displayed in the locations of the No. 5 Yellow Star and No. 2 Black Star, then the red thread or red ribbon should best be avoided because the red colour (Fire Element) will enhance the sickness-related stars (Earth Element).

- As with all feng shui items, once the gourd is damaged or tarnished, it has to be replaced.

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