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Feng Shui Red Crystal for Fame and Recognition

Feng Shui Red Crystal for Fame and Recognition

Red crystal is wonderful for activating a positive flow of Chi to actualize all your wishes. This crystal in RED is perfect for creating the energies you need for success in the public arena. If you are an aspiring actor, musician, artist, writer or public figure that needs fame for success, this stone will help realize your ambitions. Or if you are looking for recognition for your talents and your efforts, use this RED crystal to help you.

When you unwrap your crystal, focus your thoughts and make your wish. Keep one crystal per wish, or to help realize the fruition of one project. Then display in the South corner of your room or office, or in front of you on your desk.

If you are encounter a lots of quarrels within your family or even at work, this could be because of the Flying Star #3 which is also known as the Quarrelsome Star located at the NORTHWEST Sector of your home or office in year 2016. This Star is having a Wood Energy and using the Flying Star Feng Shui**, we need to have a Fire Energy to counter effect the bad Wood energy from Flying Star #3. Fire Element can cure the quarrelsome energy at home, problems in office, lovers dispute or dispute between friends or business partner.

**Flying Star Feng Shui consists of Metal,Wood,Fire,Earth and Water energy.

In 2016, you can place the RED CRYSTAL at the SOUTHWEST Sector of your home or office to enhance your wealth luck.

Like Laughing Buddha, it scope up all your worries into his bag and leave you with happiness, The RED CRYSTAL will absorb all the quarrelsome energy and it create a peaceful environment in your home and office. You can put the Laughing Buddha and the RED crystal together and this way, you will have no worries and no headache or quarrels.You will achieve a peaceful environment. It will help you to improve your relationship within your family and friends or even your business partner.

It will comes with free gold plated metal stand.

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimension Approximately 48.0mm diameter.
Material Red LEAD Crystal.
Color RED.
Our price: US$24.80 (AUD 36.46)