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Monthly Flying Star Update - December 2013

Monthly Flying Star Update - December 2013

(07:09am@07 December 2013 until 18:23pm@05 January 2014)

The Flying Stars chart above contains 9 boxes and each boxes, there will be 2 numbers. The bigger number which in Blue determines the 2013 annual star directions or locations and the smaller number which is in Red indicates the monthly star. Please use a reliable compass to determine the actual location of your house in regards to the boxes above. For example, if your house main door is located in the North, the flying star for this month is 1 6, use the below chart to see the monthly forecast. Your main door are use by all member of your family so, this sector will affect each and every one of your family members. If your room is located in the Northeast, then your bedroom flying star is 8 4 for this month. Please see the monthly forecast chart below. This area will only affect you as you are the main occupant for this sector. The 5 1 box is considered CENTER.



For people who are still studying and are taking exams, this month’s stars in this sector will benefit you a lot as they bring forth ample of academic luck. To activate and enhance your academic luck, display a Crystal Point and Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate here and wear an Aventurine Point Pendant with you at all times to activate your academy luck. This combination of stars brings excellent romance and family luck to those living in this sector this month; place a pair of  Mandarin Ducks to activate your romance luck. Career and promotion luck is also good in this sector this month; display a Monkey on Horse to enhance it.


The Five Yellow has arrived in this sector this month and with the enhancement of the annual fire element which it has become a very vicious threat to the people living in this sector. For those living in this sector is more advisable for you to move out to a room which is located in another sector. The Five Yellow will bring catastrophe this month, which may come in the form of illness, robberies and other ways of unnecessary loss of money.  To counter the Five Yellow this month, place a Five Element Pagoda or Bejeweled Earth Stupa in this sector to dissipate the bad chi, and at the same time place a Bronze Laughing Buddha in this area to maintain peace and harmony in your life. You can wear the Huge Fabulous Bird Dzi Bead bracelet or 5 Eyes with Medicine and Fabulous Bird Dzi Bead Bracelet for additional protection throughout the month of December 2013.


This is not a good month for people living in the Southwest sector as the violent star flies into this area. The inauspicious star will bring forth burglaries and snatch thieves into the people’s life who are living in this sector. Place a pair of Blue Rhinoceros or Anti Burglary Plaque in your house or wear Dragon Eye Dzi Bead Bracelet with you wherever you go to protect you from such crimes and trouble. Other than crimes, the combination of inauspicious stars will also cause health problems, so place a Wu Lou in this sector to safeguard your health and wear the Super Imperial Four Dzi Bead Bracelet to keep the bad energies under control.


The Prosperity Star lands in this sector for this month, people who are living in this sector be sure not to let this prosperous opportunity slip from your hands, place a Crystal Lotus on Rotating Stand here accompanied by a Citrine Gem Tree to activate and further enhance your wealth and prosperity luck. Although the Prosperity Star brings forth a lot of money luck, it also brings along the possibility of suffering of illness to children, so make sure that they are wearing a 7 Eyed Dzi Beads Bracelet or Medicine Buddha Dzi Beads Bracelet with them at all times to keep them safe and healthy. If there are children living in this sector this month, it is advisable to remove them to another room.


The collision of elements (Water and Earth elements) this month will bring forth the increase in the chances of people living in this sector to get into accidents and suffer injuries. Health problems may also develop for the people living in this sector this month. Carry a Blue Rhinoceros Tassel and wear The Ultimate Protection Dzi Bead Bracelet wherever you go to protect you from getting into accidents, and also place a Bronze Wu Lou in this sector to safeguard your family’s health. Display Bronze Four Heavenly Kings to keep the inauspicious stars under control. Romance luck is not really good this month around for this sector, display a pair of Mandarin Ducks here to improve your relationship luck.


For those living in this sector, all of you will be easily angered and it can be chaotic for all types of relationships, place a Crimson Red Crystal Sphere and 5-Element Crystal Balls to resolve this conflict. During this month intimate relationships as well as marriage will suffer, so carry a Peace and Harmony Amulet Keychain to improve relationships with others. This month, occupants in this sector could become victims of snatch thieves. Wear Mystic Knot pendant and carry Blue Rhinoceros keychain to protect you from troubles and crimes like robberies and thieves.


There is good chi and wealth energy here this month, and adults who are doing business should spend more and invest more in whatever you are doing as it will turn out to be successful, try to be in this sector as often as possible if you want to be very prosperous, display a Multi Gem Tree with Gold Coins here to further enhance your wealth and prosperity luck. Academics and writers will find great success in literary pursuits. Display a Crystal Globe and Dragon Carp on your desk for literary fulfillment. Although the chi is good for the adults, children should spend less time here as the powerful chi will be too strong for their bodies to handle. Wear 6 Eyed Dzi Beads Bracelet to enhance physical strength and protect the wearer against bad luck.


The White Star arrives in this sector this month, bringing prosperity to all prospects in your home! Place the Elegant Eight Immortals on Dragon Boat and Golden Arowana in this area to make sure that you have smooth career luck this month which might make you eligible for promotion. For further enhance promotion luck, display Monkey on Horse figurine on your work desk and hang strings of 9 Emperor Coins Tassel here. For people who like to gamble, be it going to the casinos or buying lottery tickets, place a Fly on Horse and a Dragon Tortoise in your living room to increase your gambling luck.


The illness star brings health problem into this sector this month; place a pair of Wu Lou in this area if your main entrance is located here to protect every family member’s, especially the Males’ health from all types of illnesses. Career luck also exists in this sector this month; remember to activate it by placing a Dragon Tortoise and a Golden Ru Yi in this area. You can display Three Legged Toad under a table here to boost your money luck.