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Monthly Flying Star Update - November 2013

Flying Star Update for November 2013

(14:14pm @ 07 November 2013 until 07:09am @ 07 December 2013)

The Flying Stars chart above contains 9 boxes and each boxes, there will be 2 numbers. The bigger number which in Blue determines the 2013 annual star directions or locations and the smaller number which is in Red indicates the monthly star. Please use a reliable compass to determine the actual location of your house in regards to the boxes above. For example, if your house main door is located in the North, the flying star for this month is 1 7, use the below chart to see the monthly forecast. Your main door are use by all member of your family so, this sector will affect each and every one of your family members. If your room is located in the Northeast, then your bedroom flying star is 8 5 for this month. Please see the monthly forecast chart below. This area will only affect you as you are the main occupant for this sector. The 5 2 box is considered CENTER.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - Southeast


There is a lot of good luck in this sector this month. Firstly there is a lot of academic luck and career luck in the sense where students living in this sector will score well in their examinations and there are high chances of promotions at work, to further enhance your academic luck, place a Wen Chang Pagoda on your study desk, to further enhance your career luck, place Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate on your working desk. Last but not least romance luck also exist in this sector for this month, for those who wants to activate it, remember to place a pair of Crystal Mandarin Love Ducks on Lotus Leaf in your home. For students, you can wear Aventurine Point Pendant to enhance your academic luck. For those who want to enhance their career luck, please wear 1 Eye and 15 Eyes Dzi Beads Bracelet.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - South


This month, there will be a lot of money luck falls in this sector. People living here can place a Citrine Tree with Gold Coins and a Jewel Spouting Mongoose Wealth Bowl to further enhance their financial luck. Although wealth luck is good, there might be disagreements between different generations in this particular month, meaning that the old and the young might argue. Place Six Small Crystal Balls or 5 Element Crystal Spheres in this area to resolve this conflict and advise everyone to carry along a Peace and Harmony Amulet Keychain to subdue their anger and temper this month.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - Southwest


The bad luck in this area has been blown away and is being replaced by auspicious wealth luck this month. So place a Water Feature and Golden Arowana Fish in this area to further enhance on the wealth luck that you will be having for this month. Health issues may also arise, so remember to place a Wu Lou in your house to keep your family’s health in shape.You can also wear the Super Wealth Dzi Bead Bracelet to enhance your luck of wealth.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - East


The clash of energies in this sector will bring forth bad argument energies for this month, to keep your family in peace and harmony and prevent arguments and fights from erupting, place The Furious Fire Elephant and 5-Element Crystal Balls in the living room to appease the atmosphere in your house. Due to the bad energy in this sector, relationships might be strained this month round, so place Crystal Lotus with Rotating Table on your table to maintain good relationship with your love ones. Wealth luck will still be hanging around in this sector, for those of you who love to buy lotteries and starting your business, this is a good month to do so. You can wear the Thunder 5 Eyes and Fortune Wave Dzi Beads bracelet to attract strong wealth luck.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - Center


Females living in this sector will have to be extra careful as the star in this sector this month brings utmost misfortune especially to the feminine gender. There will be arguments, sickness and unnecessary losses. In order to decrease the amount of bad luck you have, people living in this sector should place a Wu Lou with 8 Immortal Objects or wear a Wu Lou Necklace or carry Wu Lou Tassel. There will also be bad chi going around this sector, so place as many Five Element Pagodas as you can to subdue all the bad energy. You can also wear 5 Eyes with Medicine and Fabulous Bird Dzi Beads Bracelet for extra protection.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - West


Those living in this sector must be very careful this month as you might be exceptionally careless compared to the rest of the year that just went pass, and your carelessness might bring you major problems. Do not let strangers into your house unnecessarily as there will be a lot of cheaters going around your area this month, so place a pair of Fu Dogs or a pair Chi Lin at your front door entrance for protection. You may also displace the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque at this area for extra protection.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - Northeast


The unlucky star falls in this sector this month bringing in financial problems and bad luck into this particular sector. To prevent yourself from losing wealth, place as many Five Element Pagodas around your house as you possibly can, and if you want to turn your luck around, from bad wealth luck to good wealth luck, you can place a Golden God of Wealth in this area. The dim chi in your house this month might not affect you badly, but it is quite lethal for children, so let them carry along a Annual Protection Amulet wherever they go, and place a Trinity Pagoda to dissipate the bad chi. You can also wear the Ultimate Protection Dzi Bead bracelet to protect you from any kind of misfortune.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - North


There is lots of bad energy circulating this sector this month due to the fact that the violent star has just landed here. In order to subdue the bad energy which could bring forth robbery and break-ins in this sector, display a Water Feature and A Pair of Blue Rhinoceros for Protection. Not only does the violent star brings forth robbery and break-ins, it also brings tough business rivals and tough business competitions, so display an Abacus and a Victory Horse or a Flying Horse to make sure you triumph over your competitors at all times.

Flying Star Update for November 2013 - Northwest


This will not be a good sector to be residing in this month, as the bad chi in this area will bring forth disagreements, arguments and fights, to prevent these situations from arising, place a Crimson Red Crystal Ball in your home or wearing a 2 Eyed and 5 Eyes Dzi Beads Bracelet wherever you go. Health problems may also arise, so place a Wu Lou in your home to keep everyone healthy.