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The God of Longevity

The God of Longevity
The size of this statue is approximately 19.0 cm height x 8.0 cm length x 6.5 cm width!!!
Sau, the God of Longevity, is probably one of the most popular Deities found in many Chinese homes. He is one of the three star gods that are collectively known as Fuk Luk Sau. He represents good health and a smooth and long life. He is depicted carrying the gourd (or wu lou), itself an auspicious symbol, which, when carried by the God of Longevity, is said to be filled with the nectar of immortality. He also carries the peach, the fruit of immortality.
Place Sau in a high place in full view of the entrance into the room in which he is located, with a solid wall behind him. Invite Sau, the God of Longevity into your home for a healthy and happy long life.
Avoid putting inside your toilet/bathroom or facing to the toilet/bathroom. Facing into or out of the house or office has no significant effect.
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Weight 0.60 kg
Dimension Approximately 19.0(H) x 8.0(L) x 6.5(W) cm
Material Sandalwood
Color Wood
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