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Feng Shui Afflictions and Forecasts for 2013

Feng Shui Afflictions and Forecasts for 2013

(From 00:13pm@Feb 04, 2013 until 06:02am@Feb 04, 2014)


Afflicted Sector

Tai Sui or The Grand Duke Jupiter Southeast, SE3 (142.6° - 157.5°)
Three Killings or San Sha East
Disaster Star#5 or Five Yellow or Wu Wang Center
Sui Po (岁破) or the Year Breaker Northwest, NW3 (322.6°– 337.5°)
Illness Star#2 Southwest
Quarrelsome Star#3 East
Violent Star#7 West

Each year, the annual Flying Stars change or begins their positions at Lichun “about February 4”. In Chinese, it’s mean “beginning of spring”. Auspicious and Inauspicious stars fly into each grid reflecting changes in energy to each of the locations or sector of a house, apartment and office. In order to maintain good feng shui in your home and a smooth transition into the incoming year, it’s important or MUST to know the locations of each star. Knowing the actual positions of these stars allows you to take appropriate countermeasure, where you can display cure and remedies to inauspicious areas or effectively activate the auspicious areas by placing the correct enhancers and activators.

This year is the year of Water Dragon. Hence for Feng Shui updates, the New Year starts at 4th February and it is good Feng Shui practice to have all your cures and enhancers in place by or before the 3rd February every year.

There are 3 major afflictions and another 4 inauspicious energies occupant in each every houses and also work places.  All these afflictions contain bad energies which require feng shui cures to neutralize their potentially negative influences and which; if possible, you do not want to disturb with any activities. It is advisable not to use the afflicted sector but if this is not possible, don’t worry! Just be sure to put the appropriate feng shui cures in place and observe results, making appropriate adjustments as and when needed.


Tai Sui

Zodiac Sign : Dragon & Snake


Zodiac Sign : Horse


Illness Star #2

Zodiac Sign : Sheep & Monkey


Three Killings or San Sha and

Quarrelsome Star# 3

Zodiac Sign : Rabbit


Five Yellow


Violent Star #7

Zodiac Sign : Rooster


Zodiac Sign : Ox & Tiger


Zodiac Sign : Rat


Sui Po

Zodiac Sign : Dog & Pig

For your easy reference, the chart above are the locations of the afflictions based on the 9 grids of a space, be in your whole house, office, the living room or bedroom.

Tai Sui

2013 is the year of the Water Snake. The Water Snake’s position is the Southeast, SE3 between 142.6º and 157.5º and this is the location of Tai Sui for the year.

The Tai Sui is one of the malicious Killing Qi (Sha Qi) of the year. Those born in the year of Snake, Pig, Monkey and Tiger are afflicted with Tai Sui for the year of Water Snake. The ground where Tai Sui sits must not be disturbed nor should you orientate your work desk to face Tai Sui during the year. To avoid obstacles and misfortune, Do NOT disturb the ground of this area with construction work, landscaping, digging or major renovation.

Properties with front or back doors to the west must be careful not to allow the doors to slam. Make sure doors open smoothly and easily. Hinges should not be squeaky.

Although Tai Sui is considered to be one of the afflictions of the year, it does harbour some benevolence if its location is also influenced by a favourable flying star. In 2013, provided the ground where Tai Sui sits is not disturbed, the influence of Tai Sui can bring influential patrons and helpful people.  

However, it is still an affliction and care must be given to the location where Tai Sui resides.

Traditionalists usually advise that one places the image or statue of the Pi Yao (also known as the Pi Xiu or Pi Xie) inside the home in the direction of the Tai Sui. This is believed to be a very effective cure to ensure that the Tai Sui is not offended. My advice is to place a Pi Yao statue in the home since this is an auspicious celestial creature anyway – this way one never has to worry about offending the Grand Duke. The Pi Yao creature is available in a number of different postures. Or just wear the Pi Yao pendant or Pi Yao bracelet or 3-Eyed Dzi Bead Bracelet as an amulet to appease the affliction of Tai Sui.

You may also carry protective amulets – sacred talisman from temples, Pi Yao, Tai Sui Image or Tai Sui Mantra. Everyone should carry one of this, whether or not your horoscope sign is in conflict with Tai Sui in a particular year because the Tai Sui changes direction every year and you may unknowingly sleep or sit facing him, which will also incur his wrath. Just think of it as a 24/7 bodyguard!

For more details about Tai Sui, please refer to Tai Sui.

3 Killings

The Three Killings (aka San Sha in Chinese) is one of the three major annual afflictions in Feng Shui and it is of utmost important that the ground or location in which the Three Killings resides during the year should not be disturbed at all costs. If it is, the household will meet with three types of misfortune. 

This may sound a little over the top but my advice to you is to take this affliction seriously. I have, through various consultations, seen the effects of the Three Killings when it is disturbed. Plan well. For example; in 2013, the Three Killings will occupy the EAST spanning 75º. If there are major noisy jobs you have in mind for the EAST(the EAST room or the EAST garden), I would encourage you to do it this year and stay from the EAST in 2013.

What constitute disturbances to the Three Killings location? 

1.      Earth disturbances such as digging the ground for trees planting, creating ponds and wells, road construction, renovating driveways or any form of building construction.  

2.      Renovation and repairs such as drilling and hammering of the walls. Do not renovate the location of the Three Killings. Should you need to do urgent repair to this location of the house, you should consult a professional consultant who will be able to provide you with a good month or day for it.

3.      Loud music or loud noises from screaming, shouting and slamming of doors.

This year (2013), the 3 Killings fall on the EAST, so place a Three Celestial Guardians facing the direction of the THREE KILLINGS and make sure you don't sit or sleep with your back to the EAST. It is also believed that one should also never sit on the San Sha (3 killings) or have it direction behind one's back but instead should confront it boldly. In 2013 for example, the San Sha direction is in the EAST, so one should not sit facing WEST(even if it is your best direction) as this would mean sitting on the afflicted EAST or having the EAST behind you. Conversely, sitting with the Three Killings direction in front of you, i.e. facing EAST can help to overcome its harmful effects. The Three Celestial Guardians or Three Chi Lin should be facing out the windows or should be facing directly at the main entrance of the house. Place this item on a table and avoid putting on the floor.

In Chinese tradition, 3 Chi Lins and 3 Celestial Guardians were placed in the location of the Three Killings supposedly to appease the affliction but it serves more to mark the location as a reminder to the occupant of the afflicted area during the year.

For more details about 3 Killings, please refer to Three Killings.

Five Yellow

Star#5 aka 5-Yellow or Wu Wang in Chinese is Misfortune and Disaster star (earth element / yellow/brown). It brings misfortune and bad luck of all kinds. It cause of most disasters, such as great financial loss, accidents, illness, or even death. In Flying Star Feng Shui, 5-Yellow is the most malicious Sha Qi (Killing Qi) Star among the inauspicious stars.

In 2013, CENTER sector is a very inauspicious this year. The deadly star– 5 Yellow reside in this grid which brings misfortune, major sickness, disaster and financial problem. Avoid having burning candles, moving objects such as fan, TV, air-con in this area. It's advisable NOT TO START any construction, knocking, digging or interior decoration work in this sector.Such activities would definitely boost the negative energy of the deadly 5 yellow. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Remove Earth and Fire energy from CENTER sector.

To subdue the negative chi or “energies” created by 5-Yellow, display the 5-Element Pagoda in the CENTER sector. 5 Element Pagoda is one of the most effective remedy in Feng Shui cures. Carry 5 Element Pagoda Keychain throughout the year to keep misfortune at bay.

For more details about 5-Yellow, please refer to Flying Star Feng Shui 2013.

Sui Po (岁破) the Year Breaker

Sui Po year breaker occupies the 15 degree mountain directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2013 is NORTHWEST (NW3 322.5 – 337.5). You should treat this area with the same respect as the other annual afflictions with no groundbreaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If this area is being disturbed it can normally cause immediate bad luck and health problems especially for the elderly. So please be very careful. If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs ideally you should contact a professional consultant to select a favourable date to start the work.

However, it is still an affliction and care must be given to the location where Sui Po resides. The best feng shui remedy is to display Pi Yao or Pi Xiu here and facing to the Tai Sui direction which is the Southeast, SE3 between 142.6º and 157.5º and this is the location of Tai Sui for the year of 2013.

On top of the above annual afflictions, there are another 3 inauspicious flying stars namely,

-       Illness Star #2

-       Quarrelsome Star#3

-       Violent Star#7

Which we would to mention here and care must be taken as well.

Illness Star #2

This year, illness star #2 falls in the SOUTHWEST. It brings poor health, sickness and worry to family members.

If your main door, kitchen and bedroom falls right on the SOUTHWEST grid,you can resolve this problem with the same method used against deadly 5-yellow.

You also can display a Bronze Laughing Buddha and also Bejeweled Medicine Buddha for protection and to subdue worries.

Display a Wu Lou beside your bed to counter this effect. Elderly and expecting mother should avoid sleeping in this area. Those the born in the Year of the Sheep and Monkey, or middle sons are most affected by this star; they should wear the Ultimate Protection Dzi Bead Bracelet throughout the year to keep illness at bay.

It's advisable NOT TO START any construction or interior decoration work in this sector. Such activities would definitely activate the negative energy of the illness star #2. Avoid having burning candles, moving objects such as fan, TV, air-con in this area. Keep this sector as quiet as possible.

Quarrelsome Star#3

In 2013, Star #3 flies in the East. This is the location of disputes and arguments which is causing by the quarrelsome star #3. It brings litigation, gossips, quarrels, misunderstandings and trouble with the authorities. Marriages and relationships are adversely affected by this star as this sector also governs relationships and marital happiness. This sector also known as the palace of the Matriarch, so mothers and grandmothers will feel more aggravated and irritated this year.

To resolve this problem, you may display Flaming Magic wheel with sword, Red Crystal ball and also the Furious Fire Elephant to keep the negative chi under control. Mothers, grandmothers and those born in the year of the Rabbit need to ensure these cures are in place in your homes and carry the Flaming Wheel Key Chain throughout the year. If this is your main entrance or room entrance, a stronger cure is required which you have to place the Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque.

Violent Star#7

This year, the violent and burglary star #7 falls into the WEST of every houses and offices. This star affects the luck of Patriarchs and male leaders throughout the world. Therefore, danger due to metal arms is indicated and there is a real need for fathers and grandfathers to carry an Annual Protection Amulet to protect against physical danger.

The best remedy to keep the negative energies under control is to place Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant or Blue Rhinoceros in this sector. Fathers, grandfathers, and those born in the year of the Rooster, should carry Bejeweled Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant keychain or self-protection Amulet for double protection against the violent star #7.

Remove wind-chimes and crystals from this sector this year.