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Flying Star Feng Shui 2013

Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui or Xuan Kong Fei Xing (or Purple White Flying Stars) is one of disciplines in Feng Shui, and is an integration of the principles of YIN YANG, the interactions between Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams, the Lo Shu numbers and the 24 Mountains, by using time, space and object to create an astrological chart to analyze positive chi and negative chi of a building, apartment and house.

These include analyzing wealth, academic, career, success, relationships and health of the inhabitant.

Flying Star Feng Shui does not only suffice to study about buildings for livings or Yang Zhai, where rules pertaining to facing equally apply to all built structures, also applies to grave sites, the building for spirits or Yin Zhai. In the Lo Shu Square, Flying Stars are nine numbers. Each number represents one of the Chinese Trigrams and is related to an Element, Family Member, Cardinal, Colour, Hour, Season, Organ, Ailments and many others.

Flying Stars refer to the nine celestial stars that have certain influence over every individual. Whether a Star is timely (positive) or untimely (negative) will depend on numerous factors of Time, Direction and Location as well. The time factor will be known as “Three Cycles, Nine Periods” or in Chinese is “San Yuan Jiu Yun”. The Three Cycle, made up of the upper, middle and lower cycle, which totaled 180 years. Each Cycle (Yuan) consists of three 20-year periods. Each Period (Yun) is governed by one of the nine Purple White Stars.  

In Flying Star Feng Shui, under the Three Cycles Nine Periods, the current period is Period 8 (from 2004 to 2023). The 9 numbers are divided into two groups which is Auspicious (5 stars) and inauspicious (4 stars).

Auspicious Flying Stars in Period 8:

-       Star #1 is lucky star (water element / blue/black): It represents distant future prosperity, triumph and success. Associated with career, human relationship, knowledge, wisdom and romance (love luck).

-       Star#4 is Romance or scholastic star (wood element / green): It is often associated with academic or literary success. It governs matters such as intelligence, wisdom, education and academic research. It is also considered to be a romance star as well.

-       Star #6 is Authority star (metal element / white/gold/silver): It brings good fortune and luck of courage from heaven as well as power and authority. Associated with career advancement and windfall luck.

-       Star#8 is Auspicious and Wealth star (earth element / yellow/brown): It brings wealth, prosperity and happiness. It’s a most auspicious star among the 9 stars. (Note: The Star #8 that shares the same number as the current Period is considered as the Wang Qi or Prosperous Qi Star.)

-       Star#9 is Future Lucky star (fire element / red/purple): It brings wealth, good fortune, fame and recognition luck. This is the Sheng Qi Star, representing future prosperity. (Note: In each period, the Sheng Qi or Growing Qi Star is the one with the next successive number). Associated with joyful occasions, such as wedding, promotion, etc.

Inauspicious Flying Stars in Period 8:

-       Star#2 is Illness star (earth element / yellow/brown): It brings disease, sickness affliction and health problems, especially concerning the stomach and digestive system. It can even lead to miscarriage. It is also associated with Earth, which can lead to disasters such as earthquake, landslides or losses in real estate investments. It is also known as the Si Qi (Dead Qi) Star, and is the next disastrous star, after Five Yellow Star.

-       Strar#3 is Quarrelsome star (wood element / green): It brings argument, hostility and lawsuits. This is another Sha Qi (Killing Qi) Star and is associated with gossips, rumor-mongering and back-stabbing. It can lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, arguments, conflicts, legal tussles, and even theft. It is also can cause health problem especially the liver or the limbs.

-       Star#5 aka 5-Yellow is Misfortune and Disaster star (earth element / yellow/brown): It brings misfortune and bad luck of all kinds. The cause of most disasters, such as great financial loss, accidents, illness, or even death. This is the most malicious Sha Qi (Killing Qi) Star among the inauspicious stars.

-       Star#7 is Violent star (metal element / white/gold/silver): It brings financial loss, burglary and violence. This star is the Tui Qi (Retreating Qi) Star as it was the Wang Qi Star or Auspicious Star for Period 7.  In Period 8, it can lead to robbery, burglary, fire hazards and injury, as well as back stabbing. In health-wise, it is associated with the mouth, surgery or venereal disease.

Each year, the annual Flying Stars change or begins their positions at Lichun “about February 4”. In Chinese, it’s mean “beginning of spring”. Auspicious and Inauspicious stars fly into each grid reflecting changes in energy to each of the locations or sector of a house, apartment and office. In order to maintain good feng shui in your home and a smooth transition into the incoming year, it’s important or MUST to know the locations of each star. Knowing the actual positions of these stars allows you to take appropriate countermeasure, where you can display cure and remedies to inauspicious areas or effectively activate the auspicious areas by placing the correct enhancers and activators.

In www.fengshui-supply.com, we provided the chart of Flying Star for 2013 together with recommendation of best cures and enhancers to subdue afflicted stars and enhance the power of good stars for that particular year. Try to familiarize yourself with the chart by superimpose the chart onto any layout plan in order to, determine lucks of each sector in your home and work place.

Flying Star Feng Shui Update 2012

( From : 00:13am @February 04, 2013 until 06:02am @February 04, 2014 )

The Flying Stars chart above contains 9 grids and each grid, there will be one number which determine the 2013 annual star directions or locations. Please use a reliable compass to determine the actual location of your house in regards to the grids above. For example, if your house main door is located in the North, the yearly flying star is 1, use the below chart to see the yearly flying star feng shui forecast. Your main door are use by all member of your family so, this sector will affect each and everyone of your family member. If your room is located in the Northeast, then your room flying star is 8 for this year. Please see the yearly forecast chart below. This area will only affect you as you are the main occupant for this sector. The grid with star #5 is considered CENTER.

Flying Star 2013 - Southeast


This is where the luck of academic and intellectual achievement is located. This star also brings romance luck as well. This sector will bring forth lots of academic and literary luck.

For the ladies who are still single and looking for a partner, you can wear a Rose Quartz Point Pendant for Love or carry it with you at all times to ensure relationship success. If your bedroom is located at this sector, you may place a Golden Pig Ornament beside your bed for better public relationship luck. 

To boost your academic and literary luck, display Bejeweled Manjushri, Blue crystal sphere and also Jade Pagoda at this sector. If you are sitting in this sector at your office, you can place a Golden Ru Yi to boost your career luck.

Those born in the year of Rabbit, can activate their love luck with Blue Rat in the North, and carry the Flower of Romance keychain. You can further enhance your academic luck by wearing Natural Aventurine Point Pendant.

Writers and students who are preparing for written examinations will gain the benefit from this star #4. This sector also has positive effects on signing contracts or processing of documents.

Note: Do not have too much water in the Southeast this year. Too much water in the Star#4 can invite sex scandals!!!

Flying Star 2013 - South


The future lucky star #9 or star of joyful events falls in the SOUTH grid of every houses and offices. This is an auspicious area throughout the year of 2013.

This year, younger son in the family, Horse born person will be greatly blessed by this star. You can display a 9-ring Sword or 9-Wealth Gods Sailing on Dragon Boat here to boost your luck of wealth and also prosperity luck. Place the Kwan Kung or Golden Sailing Boat in the SOUTH grid to enhance your career luck. You also can display Red Robed Laughing Buddha in this sector to attract wealth, good fortune and brings happiness to your family members.

Flying Star 2013 - Southwest


This year, illness star #2 falls in the Southwest. It brings poor health, sickness and worry to family members. If your main door, kitchen and bedroom falls right on the Southwest grid, you can resolve this problem with the same method used against deadly 5-yellow.

You also can display a Bronze Laughing Buddha and also Bejeweled Medicine Buddha for protection and to subdue worries.

Display a Golden Wu Lou beside your bed to counter this effect. Elderly and expecting mother should avoid sleeping in this area. Those the born in the Year of the Sheep and Monkey, or middle sons are most affected by this star; they should wear the Turtle Shell Dzi bead bracelet throughout the year to keep illness at bay.

It's advisable NOT TO START any construction or interior decoration work in this sector. Such activities would definitely activate the negative energy of the illness star #2. Avoid having burning candles, moving objects such as fan, TV, air-con in this area. Keep this sector as quiet as possible.

Flying Star 2013 - East


This is the location of disputes and arguments which is causing by the quarrelsome star #3. It brings litigation, gossips, quarrels, misunderstandings and trouble with the authorities. Marriages and relationships are adversely affected by this star as this sector also governs relationships and marital happiness. This sector also known as the palace of the Matriarch, so mothers and grandmothers will feel more aggravated and irritated this year.

To resolve this problem, you may display Flaming Magic wheel with Sword, Red Crystal Ball and also the Furious Fire Elephant to keep the negative chi under control. Mothers, grandmothers and those born in the year of the Rabbit need to ensure these cures are in place in your homes and carry the Flaming Wheel Keychain throughout the year. If this is your main entrance or room entrance, a stronger cure is required which you have to place the Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque.

Flying Star 2013 - Center


This sector is very inauspicious this year. The deadly star– 5 yellow reside in this grid which brings misfortune, major sickness, disaster and financial problem. Avoid having burning candles, moving objects such as fan, TV, air-con in this area. It's advisable NOT TO START any construction, knocking, digging or interior decoration work in this sector. Such activities would definitely boost the negative energy of the deadly 5 yellow. Keep this sector as quiet as possible.

If your main door, kitchen and bedroom fall right on the Center grid, then you should display 5 Element Pagoda for protection and reduce the negative chi created by deadly 5 yellow. You MUST carry 5 Element Pagoda keychain for double protection against deadly 5 yellow.

Main door in the CENTER grid:

You can hang a metal wind chime like Victory Banner Wind chime at the main door to reduce the negative energy generated by 5-yellow.

Kitchen in the CENTER grid:

The kitchen is FIRE in nature definitely will boost the negative energy of deadly 5-yellow, causing more sickness. To resolve this problem, place Bronze Wu Lou with 8 immortal next to the stoves and hang 6-rod bronze wind chime with Mystic Knot on the kitchen cabinet doors. You also can put more water in the kitchen to curb the fire energy.

Bedroom in the CENTER grid:

You can hang a metal wind chime like Victory Banner Wind chime at the door to reduce the negative energy generated by 5-yellow.

Flying Star 2013 - West


This year, the violent and burglary star #7 falls into the WEST of every houses and offices. This star affects the luck of Patriarchs and male leaders throughout the world. Therefore, danger due to metal arms is indicated and there is a real need for fathers and grandfathers to carry an Annual Protection Amulet to protect against physical danger.

The best remedy to keep the negative energies under control is to place Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant or Blue Rhinoceros in this sector. Fathers, grandfathers, and those born in the year of the Rooster, should carry Bejeweled Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant keychain or self-protection Amulet for double protection against the violent star #7.

Remove wind-chimes and crystals from this sector this year.

Flying Star 2013 - Northeast


The most auspicious and wealth luck star or white star #8 falls into this sector. There is good Chi circulating around this area bringing along luck of wealth, good fortune and great career luck to all who are living in this sector. It is most beneficial for the youngest daughter and those born in the year of Ox and Tiger.

To further enhance your luck of wealth, place a Water Feature and Bejeweled water dragon in this sector to activate the wealth energies.  You can also display a set of Fuk Luk Sau here to bring health, wealth and happiness to your family.

Note: Water feature should not be placed inside bedrooms. If your bedroom is in the Northeast sector, then you have to enhance this by placing a crystal ball in the Northeast corner of your bedroom. Remove plants from the Northeast so that it does not sap the energy of the #8 star.

Flying Star 2013 - North


This is the location of victory of competition, as well as career and education success. It benefits the Middle Daughter and those born in the years of the Rat. To boost your luck and general human relations, place Victory Warrior Flag or Victory Banner with Mantra and Mandarin Ducks here and Blue Crystal sphere next to it. The Rat should carry the Lock Coin to enhance speculative luck for the year and place a Victory Horse in the North.

Flying Star 2013 - Northwest


This is the location of courage and military ability and it’s brings money luck to anyone having a non-clerical job.

Boost your money luck by displaying a Golden 8 Auspicious Objects here. If you want a promotion, display Bronze Dragon tortoise with Ru Yi in the center of your house. To attract good fortune, displace 6 smooth coins in the area. The white star #6 will brings business success and also wealth luck. You can hang Metal wind-chimes or 8 Gold Coins Tassel with Mystic Knot at this sector to attract wealth and heaven luck.

Note: You must not place plants, water or lights in the center this year… as this will weaken the energy of the Star#6.