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Fengshui-Supply.com will be conducting our Spring Season Sales. There will be a
amazing 15% discount on all our items store wide. The price shown on the website is before discount. Once you have click "add to cart", you will notice that a 15% discount is applied to your item(s).

If your total order excluding shipping charges is US$60.00 or above, you will get a Agate Pi Yao Tassel for FREE!!!

For more information about your double promotion, please email to us at sales@fengshui-supply.com

Free Agate Pi Yao Tassel for order above US$60.00

This single horn Pi Yao is particularly a powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune.

The Pi You is considered an infinite, unending sort of creature. It is said to have a voracious appetite that is never ending. It has an ingot on its back and with a fat body to indicate a full stomach loaded with unlimited of good fortune. This Pi Yao have a power of assisting anyone who is suffering from bad Feng Shui that is due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (also called as Tai Sui). Thus, it is helpful for those who are going through a bad year according to their zodiac. This Pi Yao tassel is gorgeous and it was carved from high quality of Agate crystal.
What does Pi Yao symbolizes?

Chinese have always adored the Pi Yao from high level official to working class people. Pi Yao is a symbol of protection and security for all classes. Many people like Pi Yao because Pi Yao does not gave an anus and it only absorb and eat but do not dispose anything. This mean, Pi Yao could absorb a lot of good fortune and wealth luck for you and your family into your office or home and it stays within your premises and do not dispose any of the luck from your offices or home.

How To Use

1. Bring along this tassel if you have just move into new house. If you have just finished renovating your house, the more reason why you should hang a Pi Yao in your house. It will save you from any bad obstacle due to your recent renovation that might have created.

2. If you drive long distance, ensure that you hang a Pi Yao in your car. Pi Yao will protect you from any unwanted incidents.

3. If permit, please bring along a Pi Yao tassel at all times to avoid any unwanted incident or back luck that you may come around in your path. At the same time, it will bring a good fortune and wealth luck to you as well.