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A Pair Of Pi Yao Carving For Protection and Good Fortune

A Pair Of Pi Yao Carving For Protection and Good Fortune
The size of the pi yao is approximately 16.50cm length x 5.50cm width x 13.0cm height!!! The overall weight is about 2,200 grams.
The Pi Yao is the heaven variation of a particularly powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. He is said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Thus, those enduring a period of bad luck soon after moving into a new home or soon after undertaking renovations should display the image of Pi Yao in the home.
Usually, in any given year, the animal sign that is directly opposite the Grand Duke’s location is said to be clashing with him. In the year of the RAT, for instance, the animal sign of the HORSE clashes with the Tai Tsui, so those born in the year of the HORSE should appease the Grand Duke.

My advice is to place a Pi Yao statue in the home since this is an auspicious celestial creature anyway – this way one never has to worry about offending the Grand Duke. The Pi Yao creature is available in a number of different postures.

Using Pi Yao to increase Wealth

Besides being a cure for the Grand Duke, Pi Yao also can be used as wealth enhancer. By placing Pi Yao according the below diagram locations, one can increase wealth luck in business, gambling luck, and investment luck. Furthermore the Pi Yao can protect your luck against being affected by those killing Chi. According to the below Feng Shui arrangement, the Pi Yao has to be in pair. The small Pi Yao should be facing out the windows and the large Pi Yao should be facing directly at the main entrance of the house to capture the wealth and auspicious Chi.
Where to Place

Pi Yao can be place at any location depending on your need.

Put a Pi Yao at your living room in you have just move into new house. If you have just finished renovating your house, the more reason why should have a Pi Yao in your living room. It will save you from any bad obstacle due to your recent renovation that might have created. A Pi Yao in your living room also ensure good health for you and your family members. If you drive long distance, ensure that you put a Pi Yao is your car. Pi Yao will protect you from any unwanted incidents.

Facing a Pi Yao directly on the front door will bring you good fortune. A Pi Yao has a very big stomach and it is said that Pi Yao will suck all the good fortune and wealth luck into his stomach. Since the Pi Yao is located in your house, the good fortune and wealth luck will stay in your house.

For Business owner, put a Pi Yao at your reception area or any place in your office that you conduct negotiation with your customer or supplies. This will bring you good luck. You might also want to put in your working table facing northwest to bring authority for managers.
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Weight 3.00 kg
Dimension Approximately 16.50cm length x 5.50cm width x 13.0cm height each.
Material Natural Green Jade
Color Green
Our price: US$188.80 (AUD 277.54)