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Authentic OLD Agate Dzi Bead One Eyed with Hetian Jade Feng Shui Bracelet

Authentic OLD Agate Dzi Bead One Eyed with Hetian Jade Feng Shui Bracelet


This is a very rare and gorgeous authentic OLD TIBETAN Agate 1 Eye dZi bead. dZi bead dimension is approximately 4.2cm length x 1.2cm diameter.

This precious OLD agate ONE Eye dzi bead is strung with natural HETIAN JADE gemstones, which strongly enhances the power of the DZI.

One Eyed Dzi bring merit, wisdom, cleansing and power to realize and fulfill the most important wish in your life. This is a bead of light, hope, brings forth happiness. This Dzi can assist the owner with possessing special powers, immeasurable control and authority luck. It also signifies auspiciousness. This powerful Dzi is believed to enhance human wisdom, and bring endless happiness into one’s life.


This is a natural, undyed, and hand crafted Hetian jade bracelet in excellent condition and FREE of cracks or chips. The colour of the bracelet is a green with black spots. This jade bracelet has some incredible translucency under a light. It is a true masterpiece for the serious collector. This is a beautiful and unique grade “A” Hetian jade bracelet offer by FengShui-Supply.

Hetian Green jade carries the energy of the Earth and nature, providing a wholesome, nurturing energy that uplifts and soothes the heart. It draws the abundance of nature into your life, helping you create physical prosperity and wellbeing.

Hetian Jade has the properties to prevent emotions from being disturbed. It is a healing stone that holds the power to keep calm. Hetian Jade is classified as a gemstone called "Nephrite". It is a special Nephrite produced in Hotan(Hetian) of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China.

It is recommended that this bracelet to be worn on your right hand instead of left hand to absorb positive energy. The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.

All our bracelets are customizable. Please email to us with your wrist size after you have placed your order. The Dzi bead can be wear by anyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these dzi beads are non religious appertain. The main purposes are for healing and enhance one’s energy.


Note: This bracelet comes with a gift box.
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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimension Approximately 4.2cm length x 1.2cm diameter dzi bead, 0.9cm, and 1.2cm round hetian jade gemstone beads.
Material Authentic Old Agate Tibetan dZi bead and natural Hetian Jade gemstones.
Color Dark Brown, white, silver and jade green with black spots.
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