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Authentic OLD Agate Tibetan dZi Beads Ru Yi and fifteen Eyed Bracelet for Career Advancement and Promotion

Authentic OLD Agate Tibetan dZi Beads Ru Yi and fifteen Eyed Bracelet for Career Advancement and Promotion


This is a very rare and gorgeous authentic OLD TIBETAN Agate Ru Yi and 15 Eyes dZi beads. Item dimension is approximately 3.8 x 1.2 cm dZi bead each.

This precious TIBETAN OLD Dzi Beads bracelet is strung with natural obsidian gemstones to strengthen the power of the DZI. This powerful dZi Beads Bracelet is a fusion of two OLD Tibetan Dzi beads, namely the RU YI Dzi Bead and the Fifteen Eyed Dzi Bead.

This combination makes this powerful bracelet become one of the most powerful Dzi Bead bracelet that ever exist, wearers to be sure to look forward for an advancement in career, enhancing career luck in achieving promotion and salary increment. This bracelet also brings all things auspicious, attracts wealth and wish fulfillment to its owner/wearer and eliminates misfortune in one life.

RU YI dZi:

The Ru Yi dZi bead also known as “As You Wish” dZi bead has the power to help the family be closer and stay closer. This dZi bead can helps all family members stay away from accidents, disease or illness. The As You Wish dZi bead will assist the owner to earn more money and grants the owner wishes. This DZI has the symbol of authority, which imbues the wearer with authority and excellent leadership skills. The Ru Yi dZi will assist those who have recently been promoted, given responsibility in a new work environment, or been put in charge of a new project.  This Dzi bead also helps to bring Auspiciousness, Happiness and Fulfilment of Wishes to the wearer.

15-EYED dZi:

Wearing this bracelet, it will imparts to the wearer all of heaven’s blessings. This manifests in smooth sailing all the way in whatever endeavours and projects the wearer embarks on. It also brings good business luck and many opportunities to the wearer. 15-Eyed Dzi bead help to actualize all your wishes and grant help in career. This Dzi increase the wearer's wisdom, releases suffering and brings forth general good fortune into your life. It is a wish fulfilling Dzi where is blessed by the Heaven God.


Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone. Black Obsidian is protective. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. It facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change. Wearing the Black Obsidian can change one’s luck from bad to good. It can ward off those bad ‘Chi’ from all sort of poison arrow pointing against your body and mind.

All our bracelets are customizable. Please email to us with your wrist size after you have placed your order. This product will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Chi. The Dzi bead can be wear by anyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these dzi beads are non religious appertain. The main purposes are for healing and enhance one’s energy.

Dzi beads are also believed to be capable of dispelling bad vibes and creating good energy along with good fortune. Make sure that you rinse the Dzi under a steady stream of clean water before drying it out in the sun to activate its powers. It is recommended that this bracelet to be worn on your right hand instead of left hand to absorb positive energy. The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.

Note: This bracelet comes with a gift box.

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Dimension Approximately 3.8 x 1.2 cm dZi bead each. 1.0 cm and 1.2 cm obsidian gemstones beads.
Material Authentic Old Agate dZi beads, natural obsidian gemstones.
Color Dark Brown, white, silver, black and gold.
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