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Aventurine Tree with 8 Gold Coins For Good Fortune ( Special Offer )

Aventurine Tree with 8 Gold Coins For Good Fortune ( Special Offer )
Place this magnificent stimulant on your work desk or in your bed room for career success, creativity, self-reliance and balance. It is also good for universal love, truth and prosperity. The crystals are tied by copper wire and has a porcelain base (that comes in different designs) decorated with green grass. The tree is further intensifying by two Ching Dynasty gold coins tied with ribbon to invite more wealth luck and income luck to you.

Has a gentle and stabilizing effect on the area of the heart, a wonderful gift for your people. Calming and balancing, eases pressure and increases independence. Purifies and heals blockages of the physical integration of mental and spiritual feelings. It is potent for providing us new strengths and creativity to move faster forward in our career, studies and business. It emits energy to sharpen our minds and creativity, improve leadership quality and enhances our overall well-being. As a result it could increase our wealth and prosperity through better career luck. It could also increase the luck of having more important people and helpful people supporting us in our undertakings. This is important for business pursuits and careers. It would also provide us with more recognition and promotion opportunities by creating a differentiation between us and our competitors so that we could stay at the forefront of career advancement. Last but not least, it will also enhance our literary luck. This is also helpful for those sitting for examinations. Display this Feng Shui gem tree on your working desk or study desk to gain benefits.
Crystals trees to energizes the earth element

The EARTH element has direct relevance in the practice of feng shui because this science is all about tapping into the prosperity secrets of the earth. The Southwest is the place of big earth as symbolized by the triagram KUN which represents mother earth. The Northeast represents small earth.

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Weight 0.50 kg
Dimension 7.5(H) x 6.5(L) x 4.5(W) inch
Material Natural Aventurine Crystals
Color Green
Our price: US$16.80 (AUD 24.70)