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Bejeweled Camel

Bejeweled Camel
Camel symbolize financial gain and honor that comes unexpectedly - perhaps an inheritance. Purchasing a camel indicates mining investments turn out well. Symbolic of big responsibilities coming. Every businesses should display Camel in their offices. The Camel will protect your business, leading it out of troubled times and away from bad luck. Place the camel in the Northwest sector of your offices and even homes to safeguard your business from financial difficulties. A single-humped camel will stabilize finances and safeguard wealth for you.
Feng Shui Enhancers

FengShui-Supply latest offerings are these bejeweled feng shui enhancers which has been elegantly fashioned into auspicious creatures and fruits. These feng shui miniatures are all in the size of a palm and suitable to be displayed any where in your house or office. The different shape of the miniatures can be chosen to blend into your the different environment of your house or office, and they definitely be a magnificent and irresistible gifts for oneself and loved ones.

These feng shui enhancers are best for attracting wonderful peach blossom and relationship luck. Simply displaying them in the area of your Nien Yen direction according to your personal Kua number or put them near to you on the work desk or dressing table which you can always see them to activate the 'Chi'. Each of the miniature can be opened up to reveal a secret compartment, you can write your wish on a piece of white paper and place it is the compartment, then these feng shui enhancers will become a wish fulfilling containers. You can keep anything of your choosing in these hidden compartments as long as don't keep them empty.

SKU SKU16242  
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimension 3.0(H)x 3.2(L) x 1.5(W) inches
Material High Quality Metal and zircon jewels
Color Colorful
Our price: US$38.80 (AUD 57.04)