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Bejeweled Heart

Bejeweled Heart

The shape heart is a universal symbol of love. To give someone a symbol of love is to give some one your unconditional love and affection towards the person that is going to receive the love. By placing this heart in your house it will enhance your relationship with your partner. Both of you will grow a stronger relationship towards each other.


This bejeweled heart is also a perfect give for your partner when comes to birthday, anniversary or any occasion that both of you are going to celebrate. Do place some coins inside the heart as it will also bring wealth into your relationship.


For those who are still looking for a right partner, you can place this Heart at the southwest of your home to attract marriage luck.

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimension Approximately 1.0(H) x 2.0(L) x 2.0(W) inches / 5.5cm Length x 5.0cm Width x 2.7cm Height.
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels
Color Gold and Blue.
Our price: US$28.80 (AUD 42.34)
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