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Bejeweled Merchant Wealth Ship

Bejeweled Merchant Wealth Ship
Enhance prosperity luck with a golden wealth ship sailing into your home or office. Returning home triumphant from its various conquests, it docks into your 'harbor' bearing gold and valuables as trophies symbolizing its many victories. Display the wealth ship sailing into your house from your sheng chi direction to boost income and increase opportunities for business. Fill your ship with gold coins and ingots and other precious treasures to symbolize a wealth ship laden with gold. As golden ships represent the element of metal, place in the northwest or west.
In 2021, display the ship sailing in from the WEST, as this is the most auspicious direction of the year.
Position the ship so it looks like it is sailing around inside and not about to sail out through the door. Use more than one gold-laden merchant ship to represent different sources of income.
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Weight 0.60 kg
Dimension Approximately 4.5 inches height x 5.5 inches length x 1.8 inches width.
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels
Color Colorful
Our price: US$48.80 (AUD 71.74)