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Bejeweled Rooster

Bejeweled Rooster

Rooster is good for keeping your family safe and sound. If you suspect your husband or boyfriend is having an affair outside, you will need to place a rooster inside your house facing the main door. Traditionally, Chinese believe that by having a rooster in the home, it will peak away those trying to create problems for your family. Hence you can be sure of heavenly luck protecting your home against such person. This perfect standing rooster is a powerful symbol of harmony at home.

Rooster also is used as powerful deflectors of politicking and backbiting at the work place, roosters bring wonderful harmony to any office or workplace. Place the rooster on your work table and facing away from your desk.

If you are born in the year of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon, the Rooster brings you the luck for meeting your perfect partner and he or she could be your long-term romance and even marriage.

SKU SKU17923  
Weight 2.00 kg
Dimension Approximately 6.5 inches height x 5.5 inches length x 3.3 inches width.
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels.
Color Multi-colored
Our price: US$98.80 (AUD 145.24)