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Bejeweled Wealth Dog

Bejeweled Wealth Dog


The coming year of the EARTH DOG, the star #9 which flies into the CENTER of each and every houses or offices, display the bejewelled Wealth Dog to activate the power of 9 and to bring you the incredible good fortune. This Bejeweled Wealth Dog symbolize as man's best friend, denotes you will have the companionship of a faithful friend, enjoy harmony in all your relationships and bring a life full of richness together with abundance throughout the year of EARTH DOG.

Feng Shui Enhancers:

FengShui-Supply latest offerings are these bejeweled feng shui enhancers which has been elegantly fashioned into auspicious creatures and fruits. These feng shui miniatures are all in the size of a palm and suitable to be displayed any where in your house or office. The different shape of the miniatures can be chosen to blend into your the different environment of your house or office, and they definitely be a magnificent and irresistible gifts for oneself and loved ones.

These feng shui enhancers are best for attracting wonderful peach blossom and relationship luck. Simply displaying them in the area of your Nien Yen direction according to your personal Kua number or put them near to you on the work desk or dressing table which you can always see them to activate the 'Chi'. Each of the miniature can be opened up to reveal a secret compartment, you can write your wish on a piece of white paper and place it is the compartment, then these feng shui enhancers will become a wish fulfilling containers. You can keep anything of your choosing in these hidden compartments as long as don't keep them empty.

SKU SKU16240  
Weight 0.30 kg
Dimension Approximately 2.4 inches height x 4.2 inches length x 1.3 inches width.
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels
Color Colorful
Our price: US$58.80 (AUD 86.44)