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Bejeweled Wind Horse

Bejeweled Wind Horse

Wind Horse(aka Victory Horse) with mantras brings victory and success luck, and protects against harmful energies, assisting you in enhancing your inner vitality and good fortune. You must have at least one of this feng shui horse in your home. In 2020, display this item in the SOUTHEAST sector of your living room to activate the success luck of the year. Display this powerful Wind Horse statue in the NORTHWEST sector of your living room to enhance your luck of wealth. This item is a perfect gift to family members and close friends. It's a Must-have feng shui item for the year of METAL RAT.

Place the Bejeweled Wind Horse statue on a table or on a high level and avoid putting on the floor. For office, display this marvelous figurine on your office table.

Avoid putting inside your toilet/bathroom or facing to the toilet/bathroom. Facing into or out of the house or office has no significant effect.

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Weight 0.90 kg
Dimension Approximately 4.25(H) x 4.25(L) x 1.90(W) inches
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels.
Color Multi-colored
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