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Bronze Wu Lou with 8 Immortals - SMALL

Bronze Wu Lou with 8 Immortals - SMALL

Often associated with the Deities in particular the God of Longevity (Sau), the Wu Lou represents health. Display this Wu Lou with 8 Immortal in the sector corresponding to your health direction if you are suffering from ill health. This Wu Lou will also bring blessings to the family and long life to the Patriarch of the family.

Chinese Taoists regards that if you put the Eight Immortals figurines in your home, it is believe to the most auspicious action that you have taken. The Eight Immortals are superior beings of Taoist legend. They comprises of six man and two women. They each attained immortality under different circumstances. The Eight Immortals are widely regarded as symbols of longevity and good fortune by the Taoists & Chinese community.

The names of the Eight Immortals and benefits they bring you are as follow:-

1. Chung-Li (Appears to be fat and bare belly and carries a fan. He is the chief of the Eight Immortals). He brings you good health and long life.
2. Kua-Lao (Appears to be carrying an instrument shaped as a bamboo tube. He brings you wisdom.
3. Dong-Pin Lu (He carries a sword on his back to overcome evil spirits and slice through sufferings caused by bad Chi Energy. He also cure illness caused by evil spirits and bad Chi.
4. Guo-Chiu Tsao (His symbol is a pair of castanets, held high up in his left hand. He is said to bestow recognition and attract high office for the family patriarch. This is good for fellow Politician)
5. Tieh-Guai Li (who looks like a beggar but reputed to be the master of super natural ability.
6. Hsian-Tzu Han (he makes sweet sounds with is flute. He brings you good fortune)
7. Tsai-Ho Lan (She carries a flower basket. She brings femininity to your female family member.)
8. Hsien Ku Ho (She carries a holy lotus. Her presence in the home benefits the matriarch.)

This Auspicious 8 Immortals are display on a Wu Lou which also present symbol of good fortune. The God of Longevity also carries a Wu Lou. By displaying a Wu Lou in your home, it is being said that your home will receive much blessings and is visited by there holy beings. Many Chinese temples in Asia decorated many Wu Lou in the temple.

By displaying this unique Brass Wu Lo with Enhanced 8 immortals figurines in your home, you will benefits so many auspicious occasion and you and your family member will enjoy all the benefits of this special Wu Lou that we bring for you. It will also help to protect your elderly family member from falling sick.

You can place this Wu Lou at your office, your home or even on your bed room. It is best to put 2 Wu Lou inside your bed room. One of the left hand sides of your bed and the other is on the right hand side of your bed. You can also place multiple Wu Lou is your house like living room and dinning room.

This Brass Wu Lo with Enhanced 8 immortals figurines is also a perfect gift for any home warming gift or birthday’s gifts for elderly person.

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