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Dining Set Fuk Luk Sau - Large

Dining Set Fuk Luk Sau - Large
The Three Wise Men also known as Fuk Luk Sau, these Deities represent the three most important manifestations of health, wealth and happiness. The 1st star Deity (Sau) carries a bottle of nectar and peach which represents longevity. Fuk, the 2nd star deity, represents wealth and good fortune. He is generally depicted in scholar's dress, holding a scroll, on which is sometimes written the character "Fu". He may also be seen holding a child, or surrounded by children to signify descendants luck. The 3rd star deity (Luk) represents prosperity and authority. He always holds the Ru Yi scepter to signify the power of the high Government official. Luk always stands in the center. This is interpreted as longevity, good fortune and prosperity! Basically, Fuk Luk Sau signify overall good luck. Fuk Luk Sau should be placed on a high side table in the dining room from where they are said to create auspicious chi for the entire household and overcome negative vibes. At the office, Fuk Luk Sau can be placed behind you giving vital support and good fortune.
Enhance the Feng Shui of your Dining and Living Room with Fuk Luk Sau
The Chinese strongly believe that if you place the Three Star Gods - Fuk Luk Sau – the Gods of Health, Wealth and Prosperity, in a place of prominence in your dining and living room, they will symbolize great good fortune for the household. These Star Gods are rarely worshipped at an altar. They are regarded more as symbolic representations than as deities, and thus have little religious significance.
Fuk Luk Sau is present in most Chinese homes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. They symbolize abundance, long life and wealth for the household, and are easy to find in Chinese Supermarkets. They are made in all sizes and you can get them in ceramics, as wooden sculptures, as cloisonné ware or simply as paintings or painted onto decorative urns. Do remember that they are not worshipped or prayed to as deities. But do treat them with respect, do not place them on the floor.
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Weight 4.50 kg
Dimension Approximately 10.0(H) x 4.0(L) x 3.0(W) inches each
Material Earth Material / Polystone
Color Colorful
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