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Feng Shui 3 Coins in "Trinity Knots" - 3pcs per set

Feng Shui 3 Coins in "Trinity Knots" - 3pcs per set

These Feng Shui Lucky 3 coins tied with red thread to symbolize a successful business should be placed in the wealth sector, or placed on accounts books, a cash register, in a purse or wallet to attract money and wealth into your business. Three coins are used to read the I Ching, by naming one side Yin and the other side Yang and reading from the tri-grams for ancient advice on how to improve and harmonize ones life. Ancient Chinese coins have been used for centuries as amulets to ward off evil and disease, they were often worn by children (one coin added each year until the age of 15) after being first placed on a deity for blessing i.e. Laughing Buddha, Kuan Yin. In Feng Shui coins represent the element metal and symbolize wealth.

Enhance the Feng Shui of Your Main Door

Bury three old coins tied with red thread under the ground just inside the main door. If you cannot bury the coins, place them on the floor and cover with a rug. This symbolizes walking on gold each time you enter or leave the home. This practice has been recommended by several feng shui experts, try it and see if it works for you.


Enhance the metal element with Chinese Lucky coins

Anything metallic like coins and gold bar are always suitable for metal corners. The best object to use for enhancing metal energies are the old Chinese Lucky coins. The combination of a square hole in the center of a round coin symbolize heaven and earth. Tie these coins together in 3, 6, 8 or 9 with red thread to energize the coins, and then place them in the West and Northwest metal corner of your living room. This is a very powerful method of enhancing incomes. Remember that the red thread is vital since is believed to be what causes the energies of the coins to be released.
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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimension Overall length approximately 8.0 cm and coin diameter 2.30 cm thickness 0.1 cm each.
Material Bronze
Color RED and Bronze.
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