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Green Crystal Ball for Growth and Expansion

Green Crystal Ball for Growth and Expansion

Green Crystal Spheres are wonderful feng shui item for activating a positive flow of Chi to actualize all your wishes. This crystal sphere in GREEN is perfect for creating the energies you need for growth and expansion. It is particularly suitable for entrepreneurs and business people who want to grow their business.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, Flying Star No. 9 is called Jiu Zhi, also known as Star of Prosperity. The element of the star is fire, and it represents advancement and prosperity. This is the second best star among the 9 flying stars besides Star of Wealth. If you want to achieve advancement in your business or career, you need to activate this area of your room or office.

To activate the Star of Prosperity, the best way is to place a Green Crystal Sphere or a Green Dragon in this corner, to create abundance and prosperity.

In year 2014, the Flying Star No. 9 is located in the NORTH sector of each and every houses or offices. Therefore, you should place this Green Crystal Sphere at this corner to enhance the Chi of prosperity. Activating it will keep your business and career continues to develop and flourish.

The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends. Avoid putting on the floor or putting inside your toilet/bathroom. It comes with synthetic crystal stand.

SKU SKU18073  
Weight 1.50 kg
Dimension Dia. 80.0mm
Material Crystal Glass
Color Green
Our price: US$88.80 (AUD 130.54)