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Liuli 9-Level Wen Chang Pagoda

Liuli 9-Level Wen Chang Pagoda
The pagoda is most effective in warding off any bad energy and pernicious forces in your surroundings. It is also a powerful symbol of protection against illnesses. Place this handsome pagoda in your living room to safeguard your household. You can also display this pagoda in your office to protect your investments and guard against dirty tricks from business competitors. Put it on your desk or display it in a cabinet behind you. Place in the Northeast corner to enhance your examination luck.

Where to place the Wen Chang Pagoda?

According to the Lo Shu arrangement, placing a Wen Chang Pagoda in the southeast corner of the house can help adult members in the family to achieve fame and recognition in their career or business, and children in the house to achieve exceptional academic excellence. See below diagram.

Flying star number 4 is the intelligence star. Base on the annual flying star natal chart, look for the location of flying star number 4 is located; place a Wen Chang Pagoda in the sector of your study room or bed room to gain good academic attainment for individual.
Place a Wen Chang Pagoda on one’s work desk to increase career luck in the office. Auspicious Chi gathering around the pagoda will energize the person who work at that table making one’s feeling fresh and alert during his work. This will increase work efficiency and productivity, therefore increase chances of career enhancement and work recognition.

By placing a Liuli Wen Chang Pagoda on your work desk can help to amplify and purify thoughts therefore increase your mind creativity and inspiration, suitable for those works as programmer, designer or architect. Recommended to place near a computer can help to diminish the negative effect.

If placing on your study desk will help your mind to absorb faster and help you memorize more in your studies.
Liuli Glass Jewelry 

Originally known only to the Asians, Liuli glass artworks, jewelry, and accessories are vastly gaining popularity outside Asia, in countries like America and even Europe. Liuli or 琉璃 is the ancient Chinese word for Glass, nowadays it is used to refer to hand-crafted, multi-hued crystal glass which is made using an ancient glass casting technique. The casting of Liuli glass Feng Shui enhancers adds style and fashion to the conventional looks of Feng Shui ornaments.

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Weight 0.50 kg
Dimension Approximately 10.0cm height x 4.15cm length x 3.9cm width or 4.0 inches height x 1.65 inches length x 1.53 inches width.
Material Genuine LIULI crystal glass.
Color Citrine Yellow.
Our price: US$68.80 (AUD 101.14)