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Monthly Flying Star Update - May 2013

(16:18pm @ May05, 2013 until 20:22pm@ June05, 2013)

Flying Star Update - May 2013

The Flying Stars chart above contains 9 boxes and each boxes, there will be 2 numbers. The bigger number which in Red determines the 2013 annual star directions or locations and the smaller numbers which are in black indicates the monthly star. Please use a reliable compass to determine the actual location of your house in regards to the boxes above. For example, if your house main door is located in the Northwest, the flying star for this month is 6 9, use the below chart to see the monthly forecast. Your main door are use by all member of your family so, this sector will affect each and every one of your family member. If your room is located in the Southeast, then your room flying star is 4 7 for this month. Please see the monthly forecast chart below. This area will only affect you as you are the main occupant for this sector. The 5 8 box is considered CENTER.

Flying Star Update - Southeast - May 2013


Romance luck is not good in this area. There bit be a possibility that your partner may cheat you and legal problems this month. Remedy with Blue Crystal Sphere to reconcile the elements. Expecting mother should avoid this area. If your main door is located in this sector, place a pair of rhinoceros facing your entrance to avoid robbery as violent star flies into this sector. You should carry Night Safety Amulet for personal safety.

Flying Star Update - South - May 2013


There will be quarrelsome energy in this sector for this month which will cause serious argument, disagreement and violent as the argument star is located in this sector. Do not work late or stay in this sector until late at night. Do not place any plant here this month. Place a Kstigarbha Fireball or Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword in this area to remedy this negative energy. The combination of both star no.9 and star no.3 that indicate possibility of violent fighting.  Try not to hang wind chimes or bells here.

Flying Star Update - Southwest - May 2013


This sector is very inauspicious this month. The unlucky stars indicate disaster, serious illness and financial problem. Avoid having burning candles in this area. Display 8 immortal Wu Lou and as many as 5 Element Pagoda to keep the negative chi under control. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Carry Kalachakra Amulet Keychain with you for extra protection.

Flying Star Update - East - May 2013


This could be also a prosperity month for your family this month. Excellent prosperity luck from heavens. Enhance wealth luck with Wealth Ship and Bejeweled White Dzambhala. However, this could be a period of slow growth and also conflict energy causes illness. It is highly unfavourable for the eldest son who should avoid this sector this month. Neck injuries and liver problems are possible. Display Bejeweled White Umbrella Goddess as a remedy. Keep one Samantabhadra Mirror inside your handbag, briefcase or shift pocket to protect you from misfortune and bad luck.

Flying Star Update - Center - May 2013


The lucky star no.8 flies into this sector which brings good fortune and money luck. However the yearly star no.5 makes the prosperity star not very favourable. There is a sign that you will make your wealth and lose it at the same time. Display a Jewel Spouting Mongoose Wealth Bowl in this sector so that it will help you to attract and retain your wealth. Carry a Lock Coin to protect you from serious money loss.

Flying Star Update - West - May 2013


This sector promises good prosperity and career luck but there will be a great competition before you can achieve your career. Place a Crab figurine and Victory Banner in this area to help you to overcome our competitor. Carry this Popularity and Victory Horse Amulet keychain with you at all times to enhance your prosperity luck and attract good fortune. You can also enhance your good fortune by placing a Crystal Gem Tree with gold coins in this area. Carry Annual Protection Amulet with you at all times for protection against harmful energies and brings abundance of good fortune.

Flying Star Update - Northeast - May 2013


The yearly Prosperity star combines with monthly illness star to form an auspicious sum of-ten combination in this sector. This brings good fortune and prosperity luck for the entire family. Display a Water Feature and 8-Shape Figurine hereto enhance the money luck. However, there are a sign of health problems created by illness star no. 2. Place a Golden Wu Lou beside your bed to avoid falling sick. Carry a Wu Lou with Coins Keychain with you at all times for protection against illness energies and brings wealth luck.

Flying Star Update - North - May 2013


The Energy in this sector is good for children to do their school work and it will enhance their academic performance. Ensure that your children are doing their school work in this area. This sector also benefit for writers and artists. For writers and students who want to further enhance their academic luck, place a Crystal Globe and Crystal Point on their working desk. There is possible promotion at work for those stay in this particular sector. So, place a Bejeweled 7-Level Pagoda and Double Carp Crossing Dragon Gate to help them in their career luck. Single women also enjoy good romance luck. So, display a pair of Mandarin Ducks here to boost their love luck.

Flying Star Update - Northwest - May 2013


Good money luck resides in this sector. Display a Wish Granting Tree or Gold Ingots in this sector to enhance your money luck. Unfortunately, these stars may result in frustration between the generations, leading to disagreements between young and old. Infection of the lungs and nose bring breathing problems. If your main door is located in the Northwest, use a 5 Element Crystal Balls to control excessive Fire energy and place Six Smooth Crystal Balls to reconcile the elements.