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Natural Rose Quartz Sphere ( Special Offer )

Natural Rose Quartz Sphere ( Special Offer )
Rose Quartz known as the love stone becomes doubly auspicious when carved in the shape of heart. It is very popular due to the calm delicate inspiration it provides. Helps with the comprehension of love. Provides an energy of love and cleans old emotional wounds while developing self-love. Increases confidence, expression, creativity and the feeling of content. Rose Quartz is undoubtedly the best for those who wants to find love. Some people may be beautiful yet does not attract love, but rose quartz may change that. Display this crystal ball in your living room to attract love luck and enhance better people interaction. The intervals are clear quartz and amethyst. Amethyst is to create good relationship luck. This item would be a good gift from mother to daughters or between close friends.Smooth Crystal Balls are wonderful energizers to energize the Earth element. The energy created by the display of crystals is extremely auspicious.
Display six crystal balls in the heart of your home for harmony in the household and for all undertakings to go smoothly. Display six crystal balls in the Northwest sector of the living room to activate the relationship luck and networking luck, to attract powerful people into your life.
Display a pair of crystal balls in Southwest sector of the living room, bringing luck to the matriarch of the family and also for the ladies of the household to enjoy everlasting love, display them in Southwest sector of your bedroom.
Crystal balls need not be the same size or same color to be displayed together. They can be combination of different sizes or color, add up to the total of 2 or 6.
It will come with free gold plated metal stand.

( This natural sphere are individually handcraft by skilled man and the dimension range between x to y. Only machine produced sphere are able to have a standard dimension size. )

SKU SKU16209  
Weight 0.30 kg
Dimension 40.0 to 45.0mm
Material Natural Rose Quartz
Color Pink
Dimension Size Option
Our price: US$28.80 (AUD 42.34)