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Spirit Essence Amulet

Spirit Essence Amulet

To boost inner strength and motivation

Carry Spirit Essence Amulet close to you to enhance strength and vitality. If you are facing a very low spirit essence situation, carry this feng shui amulet is the best way to enhance your inner fortitude, strength and enabling you to make the most of all other kinds of luck.

You can use this amulet as a key chain or clip the amulet onto your handbag, briefcase or car rear view mirror to boost your stamina and vigour.

A wonderful gift for yourself, family members, your friends and loved ones!

SKU SKU18857  
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimension Approximately 4.6 cm diameter x 0.2 cm thickness amulet.
Material Alloy.
Our price: US$16.80 (AUD 24.70)
Market price: US$22.80