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The Evil Eye Anti Jealousy Amulet

The Evil Eye Anti Jealousy Amulet

The size of the amulet is approximately 5.5cm diameter x 1.0cm thickness!!! The overall weight is about 40 grams.

In Feng Shui, The Evil Eye is a very powerful symbol of protection against the Evil Eye, the eye of jealousy. This bad energy can cause you problems in the workplace or at home. This powerful amulet combines energies from the Evil Eye protection and the mantra to protect you from jealous colleagues, politics in the workplace, and gives you the power to rise victorious over them. Clip it on your hand bags, briefcase or laptop bags, and bring good fortune with you everywhere you go.

Hang this amulet in the CENTER sector of your office, living room or study room to protect against jealousy. This keychain is also an excellent energizer for the NORTHEAST Sector in 2020 as the Lucky White Number 1 Star flies to the NORTHEAST.

- As with all feng shui items, once the amulet is damaged or tarnished, it has to be replaced as soon as possible.

SKU SKU18736  
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimension Approximately 5.5cm diameter x 1.0cm thickness amulet.
Material Alloy and PU.
Color Colorful.
Our price: US$18.80 (AUD 27.64)