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Bronze Four Heavenly Kings ( Special Offer )

Bronze Four Heavenly Kings ( Special Offer )

The Four Heavenly Kings, are the remarkable beings that protect the four corners of the world. In Chinese Buddhism, they are popularly known as the Great Dharma Protectors, seen in the shrines of the Matrieya Buddha. The Four Heavenly kings has the power to control the weather and climate on Earth. They each carry a distinctive magical weapon that represents the source of their supernatural powers.

Two of the Heavenly Kings have friendly faces and fair colored complexion. The other to shows a more ferocious and darker appearance. This represents that the GOODNESS in this world must be taught and implemented both through gentle and authoritative means.

The Guardian of the NORTH is Vaishravaṇa or 多聞天王.
This is the chief of the four kings and protector of the north. He is the ruler of rain. His symbolic weapons are the umbrella or pagoda. Wearing heavy armor and carrying the umbrella in his right hand, he is often associated with the ancient Indian God of wealth. Associated with the color yellow or green.

The Guardian of the SOUTH is Virūḷhaka or 增長天王.
King of the south and one who causes good growth of roots. He is the ruler of the wind. His symbolic weapon is the sword which he carries in his right hand to protect the Dharma and the southern continent. Associated with the color blue.

The Guardian of the EAST is Dhṛtarāṣṭra or 持國天王.
King of the east and God of music. His symbolic weapon is the pipa (stringed instrument). He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Uses his music to convert others to Buddhism. Associated with the color white.

The Guardian of the WEST is Virūpaksha or 廣目天王.
King of the west and one who sees all. His symbolic weapon is a snake or red cord that is representative of a dragon. As the eye in the sky, he sees people who do not believe in Buddhism and converts them. His ancient name means he who has broad objectives. Associated with the color red.

Do not place the heavenly kings outside the home. Place them inside the home, preferably on either side of your altar. Or, if you have a holy stupa inside the house, you can also place them one on each corner facing the four cardinal directions. This takes care of evil influences and temptations that come from the four directions. It is important to place the correct heavenly king properly. They should either face the direction or be situated in the location that corresponds to their individual domains. This is because each of the kings is said to have his own domain.

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