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Welcome to Feng Shui Supply Store

Welcome to your favorite feng shui store. We are here to bring to you a wide varieties of feng shui products for your choice. Please feel free to look around, all products has description and guide to show you the purpose and usage of the particular feng shui products. Feng Shui can be very confusing to some of you, every website or every master has his own way of interpretation for feng shui, and we surely respect their different point of view on feng shui. What we are going to bring to you is the most effective way to use or place hundreds of Feng Shui items in your house, apartments or your office work place. The Feng Shui instructions and guidance from our website are base on the I-Ching Feng Shui Bible which existed since the Qin Dynasty thousand of years ago. Try it now, then only believe it.

Our Feng Shui Store
is currently one of the major Feng Shui products supplier in the Asia Pacific Region. We would encourage you to bookmark this page for your future reference and shopping guide for Feng Shui Products and Cures. If you manage to shop around and find that our Feng Shui items are more expensive compare to others, please feel free to let us know. Please take note, we are not compensating quality for prices, what we offer is nothing but the best, and we surely would like to maintain our reputation from our achievements through out these years of efforts.

Our Feng Shui Products
has been chosen for the best in quality and effectiveness for feng shui purposes. All our products has been purified and cleanse using the ancient space clearing method, so you can rest assured the 'Chi' is there. We are currently becoming the largest feng shui products wholesaler in the South East Asia region, we gain trust from our customers through our products quality and on time services. We offer them nothing less than excellent, and the prices quoted to them are irresistible. We believe we can gain more by selling more items rather than selling at high prices.

Our Dzi Beads
are made of genuine Agate stone. They are selectively hand picked from the finest quality dzi beads from Tibet by our master. The Dzi beads has been purified and cleansed using a very unique space clearing technique from the Tibetan culture and believe to be very powerful for the one who wear it. According to the Tibetan Lama (monk), it is a very good practice to present some one with the dzi beads, because not only the person who receive it got the protection, the one who give it also gain good karma.

Currently we are providing wholesales to U.S.A, UK, Europe and Asia. We are actively looking for potential wholesales client to join us and expand our Feng Shui product across the world. For wholesales inquiry, please email to sales@fengshui-supply.com