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The Green Phantom Pendant

The Green Phantom Pendant

This is a very rare and gorgeous natural green phantom crystal pendant. Item dimension is approximately 4.6 x 2.3 x 1.6 cm.

The phantom is where a crystals growth was paused leaving a partial or complete "phantom", within the crystal, after it continued to grow.

The phantom symbolizes universal awareness. It is one of the Earth Stones to be used for redemption and cleansing of the Earth. Both polished and unpolished are excellent energy sources for initiation of the healing. The phantom is an excellent tool for meditation and for assisting one in connecting with the higher realms of knowledge.

Green Phantom combine the energy of quartz crystals with one of the most healing minerals.. .Chlorite is one of the most favourable healing stones. Worn, carried, placed within ones environment or used as an elixir, the properties of chlorite are overwhelmingly positive.

Clear quartz has the ability to encourage the development of self-empowerment, assisting in repelling negative outer influences from marring your sensibilities. It can recall old forgotten memories and assist in solving problems as well as stimulating wisdom and self-knowledge.

All Phantoms are facilitators for growth, but these Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals specifically work on self-healing and regeneration, and facilitate detoxification. They help to ground excessive emotions into the Earth, thereby helping the user in achieving a state of balance. The Green Phantom crystal also helps to enhance personal wealth luck.

This beautiful Green Phantom Pendant is made from natural clear quartz crystal with natural green phantom growth embedded on the crystal.

Note: The pendant come with silver plated chain and a gift box:

SKU SKU18295  
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimension 4.6 x 2.3 x 1.6 cm pendant.
Material Natural and genuine Green Phantom crystal.
Color Transparent with green color inside.
Our price: US$38.80 (QDPay 38.80)