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Annual Spring Amulet 2017

Annual Spring Amulet 2017

The size of the amulet is approximately 4.4 cm diameter x 0.3cm thickness!!! The overall weight is about 35 grams.

This magnificent Annual SPRING Amulet was designed for enhancing prosperity luck and attracts wealth in 2017. One side of the amulet has the features with Rooster, Ru Yi, Mystic Knot and on the other side is the images of the Prosperity RAT riding on the Wish-Fulfilling Ox. Both symbols are vitally important for enhancing Big Auspicious Luck and activating the growth energy of spring 2017. This annual spring amulet symbolizes prosperity, authority and abundance. Carry this amulet with you at all times for protection against harmful energies and brings abundance of good fortune. You can use this amulet as a key chain or clip the amulet onto your handbag, briefcase or car rear view mirror to protect you from misfortune and bad luck.

- As with all feng shui items, once the amulet is damaged or tarnished, it has to be replaced as soon as possible.

SKU SKU18476  
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimension Approximately 4.4 cm diameter x 0.3cm thickness.
Material Alloy.
Color Colorful.
Our price: US$18.80 (AUD 27.64)
Market price: US$22.80