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Lillian Too-Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy

Lillian Too-Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy

How To Get The Kind Of Results You've Always Wanted!

Formula feng shui offers methods that use the compass to chart the energy of buildings taking note of space and time perspectives. Transformation of chi is the essence of feng shui's potential to bring health, wealth and happiness, and compass based methods are what provides roadmaps to attracting these aspirations.

This book reveals concepts that open pathways to greater success and abundance. These provide specific ways of harnessing good energy and subduing bad energy making age-old secrets within reach of even the most amateur of practitioners.

The major methods of formula feng shui, including Eight Mansions and Flying Star are included, as are other Pa Kua formulas. There is also a section on the famous Castle Gate theory and the meanings of the 81 Combinations of Flying Star.

Written in Lillian's inimitable style, this book makes complex feng shui formulas truly easy. Simple language is used to explain difficult concepts so anyone can understand. The tip-based layout with its small-sized chunks makes it comfortable to digest. When you apply the methods explained here, you will start to get the kind of results from feng shui you have always wanted. And then feng shui becomes like magic!

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