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Sam Kuang Convex Bagua (Pa Kua)

Sam Kuang Convex Bagua (Pa Kua)
A "Sam-Kuang" Bagua is made of copper coated in Metallic Gold and Red Lining finishing. The Center portion is the symbol of Heaven and Earth (Tien-Ti). "Sam-Kwong" means "3 Light". The 3 Light stands for Heaven, Earth and lastly MAN.

A Convex Bagua mirror is the opposite of a Concave Bagua mirror. Concave Bagua mirror used for absorbing auspicious Chi and Convex Bagua mirror used for reflecting killing or inauspicious Chi.

If your doors or windows facing landscape such as rocky mountain or cliff, a vertical road straight towards your house or a “T” junction ended in front of your house, high-voltage tower or transmission tower, then you should place a Convex Bagua mirror on top of your door or windows to reflect all the killing and inauspicious Chi away from your house.

If the main door of your house is facing a staircase which coming down from upper level to your level or a long corridor straight to your main door, you should place a Convex Bagua mirror to prevent inauspicious Chi from directly flow into your house through your main door.

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Color Colorful on gold
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