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Auspicious Horse with Ingot for Business

Auspicious Horse with Ingot for Business

This auspicious horse in Chinese is called “Ma Shang Fatt”, means instant prosperity luck.

Horses symbolize strength and stamina. This horse is carrying coins and ingots on its back and it is looking fierce ahead. In Feng Shui, this symbolizes that this horse will help you on your business and will give you the strength and stamina until you succeed in your business. On the same time, it will be bless with good luck and wealth as you go along in your quest for success. The horse in carrying coins and on the top of the horse, there is a gold ingot. This mean, you will start with small fortune and at the end you will have a wealth of fortune and everywhere you go or seek for business, you will be able to prosper with luck and good fortune. This is also shown on the horse as one of its legs is resting on gold ingots.

If you are a businessman or working and looking for a bright future and everlasting wealth, you should place this horse on your working desk and the horse is facing to your door.

Other Great Auspicious Horse Feng Shui Items

If you like to gamble, you should have an Auspicious Fly on Horse in your house. (Sold separately)

Auspicious fly on horse, the Chinese called it "Ma Shang Ying", meaning you will win instantly. This is a rare piece of feng shui item, it is to be used to increase windfall luck and gambling luck. It is not limited to only winning in gambling and lottery, but it also helps to win in any of your competition. It is about a legend of an old general during the Ching dynasty which is always winning in his battle during the war. He never bath for his horse when he is about to go for battle, and people will ask him why you don't clean your horse, and he said if the fly is going to stay on my horse, meaning I will win the battle, so the story pass on.

This item should be place in your room at your Sheng Chi direction according to your personal Kua, and it will bring you the winning luck.

If you are a working on a corporate world and are looking for a well deserve promotion, you should have an Auspicious Monkey on Horse in your desk. (Sold Separately)

'Ma Shang Feng Hou' Auspicious Monkey on Horse meaning you get immediate promotion in your career. Horse symbolizes career, power and speed. By placing this figurine on your work desk it will help you to boost your career advancement.

The word monkey in Chinese called "Hou", during the Ching Dynasty, "Hou" meaning high ranking officer, therefore those who seek successful in career will always put this figurine together with Ru Yi for more power and status. If you have not been promoted for a long time, it is time for you to get this figurine on your table, and you will increase your promotion luck right away.

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