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Feng Shui Afflictions and Forecasts for 2016

The Year of the Fire Monkey has plenty of money making opportunities but it is also a very sickly year. Place Medicine Buddha Stupa in the center of your home and carry Good Health Amulet Keychain with you.

Water is missing from the main chart, so it is vital to surround yourself with water. Wear Blue and carry Water Drop Amulet Keychain with you all the times.

Male Leaders and CEOs have a difficult time this year due to the #3 star visiting the NORTHWEST. There will be lawsuits and contract suspensions for many top CEOs. Male CEOs must carry the Power Talisman with Water Element Keychain to safeguard their positions of power this year. Do not hang windchimes in the NW this year.

Women are very strong in 2016. Those in leadership roles will see great success and prosperity coming this year. This must be activated well with lots of Yellow Crystal Balls in the SOUTHWEST!

Eldest Daughters do very well this year, with the Victory Star in the SOUTHEAST. Women in their 40-50s benefit from promotion and career success. Carry Victory-enhancing Amulet Keychain in the year of 2016.

Eldest Sons will have lots of opportunities to thrive but there is not enough staying power to succeed. Strengthen with 9 Deity Invocation Table in the East.

Youngest Sons must take care and carry Golden Mantra Pagoda keychain and Ten Hum Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain for protection as the vicious Five Yellow visits the NORTHEAST this year.

Young ladies, especially youngest daughters will see big marriage prospects improve this year. Carry Friendship Amulet Keychain in the year of 2016.

The Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) moves to SOUTHWEST 3 – the direction of the Monkey. You should display either the Tai Sui Plaque here or a pair of Pi Yao on a coffee table to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter. This is especially important if your main door or your kitchen is located in the SOUTHWEST. Carry Tai Sui Amulet Keychain in the year of 2016.

The 3 Killings resides in the South and brings 3 kinds of obstacles to your life if your main door faces South. If the South is your bedroom, dining room or living room, it is also important that you place the recommended cures. These would be the 3 Celestial Guardians Plaque or the 3 Chi Lin.