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Monthly Flying Star Update - June 2013

(20:23pm@ June05, 2013 until 06:34am @ July 07, 2013)

Flying Star Update - June 2013

The Flying Stars chart above contains 9 boxes and each boxes, there will be 2 numbers. The bigger number which in Red determines the 2013 annual star directions or locations and the smaller numbers which are in black indicates the monthly star. Please use a reliable compass to determine the actual location of your house in regards to the boxes above. For example, if your house main door is located in the Northwest, the flying star for this month is 6 8, use the below chart to see the monthly forecast. Your main door are use by all member of your family so, this sector will affect each and every one of your family member. If your room is located in the Southeast, then your room flying star is 4 6 for this month. Please see the monthly forecast chart below. This area will only affect you as you are the main occupant for this sector. The 5 7 box is considered CENTER.

Flying Star Update - Southeast - June 2013


There will be excellent money luck from heaven for those living in this sector. The number 6 star brings the good fortune of windfall monetary gain. Display the Jewel Spouting Mongoose Wealth Bowl here to boost your good fortune. If your family living room or dining area is located in this sector, try to spend more time here; it will bring business success and career advancement. However, work could be slowed down as inspiration suffers because of a mental block. Place a Crystal Point on your work desk to promote creativity and harmony. You can wear Aventurine point pendant to enhance your career luck.

Flying Star Update - South - June 2013


The unfortunate combinations of stars here generate energies of illness and magnify your feelings of anxiety, causing you to worry. Display a Golden Laughing Buddha here to take away your worries and problems. Occupants of this sector are likely to fall sick frequently this month and will be prone to back and liver problems. The best cure is to display a Golden Wu Lou and hang a Wu Lou Metal Wind chime for protection against illness chi. It is highly unfavorable for women to sleep in this sector this month, especially women who are expecting as it can bring serious illness. If possible, pregnant women should move to another bedroom this month. Display Six Emperor Coins Tassel by your bedside to keep the afflicted energies under control.

Flying Star Update - Southwest - June 2013


This is a favorable month for those in academic and literary pursuits. Students are encouraged to work in this sector this month. If your bedroom is located here, you will gain good exam luck from the visiting star. Display a Wen Chang Pagoda here to boost examination luck. New romantic opportunities flourish for women. Single ladies will find their partner, but married women should keep an eye on their spouses. Place an Amethyst Geode tied with red thread under the bed. Married men must stay patient, as there is a tendency to quarrel with one’s spouse.  Single ladies should wear Matrimonial Harmony Dzi Beads Bracelet to enhance your love and romance luck.

Flying Star Update - East - June 2013


The monthly five yellow brings money troubles and arguments which cause loss of wealth and bad business luck. If your bedroom is located here, you will face serious financial loss and disputes to do with money. Place the 5-Element Pagoda or 5-Element Ringing Bell with Tree of Life in this area to control the afflicted energies. Avoid noise or wind chimes here. Female adults should avoid this sector as they will be affected with health problems. Carry the Annual Protection Amulet to suppress the bad energies if you live in this sector.

Flying Star Update - Center - June 2013


This month, those who spend a lot of time in this sector will see an increase in quarrels and misunderstandings. They could also suffer loss of money or being cheated. The aggressive energy of conflict makes the month extremely noisy and tension-filled. Display an Elephant with trunk up and also Blue Rhinoceros in this area to nullify the threat. Occupants will be prone to diseases of the lung region. There is also danger of poisoning or injury to the mouth. Remedy this affliction with a 7 Medicine Buddha Plaque and place a 5-Element Pagoda on your bedside table.

Flying Star Update - West - June 2013


This combination beings bad news as there could be a robbery in store or burglary threat for houses that facing West direction, as the stars are expanding the violent and robbery energies. Display a Kwan Kung and a pair of Double Horned Rhinoceros in this sector to protect your household. If your main door is located here, have a pair of Fu Dogs to safeguard your house. There is disharmony in the elements, bringing about conflict energy, which could lead to serious arguments and violent fights. Keep sharp objects out of this sector. Display 5-Element Crystal Balls in this sector to keep the unlucky energies under control.

Flying Star Update - Northeast - June 2013


The white star no. 1 brings excellent luck of wealth and good fortune for those living in this sector of the home. This star also brings excellent career advancement and prosperity luck. Enhance good fortune with a Water Feature and a Golden Dragon near the water feature. There are plenty of opportunities for making money. However, disagreements and misunderstandings could lead to arguments among business partners due to a conflict of elements. Place a Laughing Buddha and 5-Elements Crystal Balls in the Northeast to attract good fortune and to help keep the bad energy at bay.

Flying Star Update - North - June 2013


The argumentative star flies into North area, affecting all households with stressful energies and strained relationships. Houses with main door located in this sector will feel the effects of the quarrelsome star more acutely. Minor disagreements could lead to major fights. Place a Ksiddigarbha Fireball and Red Crystal Ball here to suppress the bad chi. Do not hang bells or wind chimes here as they could activate the argumentative star. At its worst, this combination could lead to lawsuits and legal entanglements. Display a pair of Temple Lions at your main door to safeguard the household against negative chi.

Flying Star Update - Northwest - June 2013


There will be great prosperity luck for those residing in this part of the home. The combination of stars brings wonderful money luck and is especially good for buying and selling properties. Display a Water Feature with a Magical Wind Horse Plaque to enhance prosperity chi here. If this area is your bedroom, activate with Crystal Tree or 5-Element Crystal Balls. Your work and popularity receives a boost as you are helped by excellent mentor luck. To avoid troubled emotions, display a pair of Mandarin Ducks to strengthen romance luck. This is a good time to pursue new ventures. You can carry Wish Granting Tree Keychain to enhance your money luck.