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Dzi Beads Suitable for Each Zodiac Signs in 2014

Rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008)

There are many troubles ahead, fortune is unstable, easy to get loss, and one is helpless. Health issues must be settled quickly to avoid becoming serious. If there is funeral, one must attend to lessen the troubles. There are changes in life, but not suitable to change job, must maintain a clear mind, can consider for travel or move house!

Recommended wearing dzi beads:

1.    One eye: Known as the “Bead of Brightness”, this particular Dzi bead cleanses one’s spirit and enhances happiness while attracting auspicious luck to the wearer. It also helps in actualizing your wishes and dreams.

2.    Eight Eyes: This powerful Dzi bead represents the 8 auspicious signs and brings a life blessed by Buddha and the Eight Bodhisattvas. Wearing this Dzi bead helps in completion of all tasks and creates success luck in your life. The qualities of the 8 auspicious signs create harmony & fulfillment within a person, and impetus in facing the daily challenges of life. This Dzi helps as well to guard against calamities and catastrophes. Assists the owner in finding and staying on their proper path.

3.    Line: This Dzi Bead symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes, and it is believed to have the ability of transforming difficult situations into a favorable one. It is also known for its nobleman luck qualities, where good fortune can come from adversity. The purpose of this Dzi bead is to help the owner understand the difference between wealth and fortune. Once again this is a bead that is powered by the self and will bring merit or karma depending on how it is used. If powered by the ego one will find themselves building karma. If powered with a love of one’s self free of ego and defensiveness, this can be a bead offering a great journey. It is believed that the Line Dzi will assist its owner to achieve his/her aspirations in life. It also has the ability to turn adverse events into positive ones for its owner.

Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009)

This year is blend of good and bad, wealth goes and comes. Watch out diet for heath, can easily hurt intestines and stomach. Can put full effort on work, and have lucky star to help out. Love life is not bad, unmarried couples can consider to get marry, married couples can consider travelling around.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Two Eyes: This Dzi Bead is known as the Bead of Love, it symbolizes a harmonious marriage between husband and wife, between family members and good relationships with other people. It is also a bead worn by those who are single to improve their marriage and relationship luck. The 2 eyes Dzi enable harmony between husband and wife; build a happy family, successful career, and good relationships with others.

2.    Six Eyes: This Dzi bead helps to release the wearer from the 6 types of sufferings of Samsara and helps to regulate important bodily functions. It also enhances physical strength. A most excellent and powerful Dzi if you suffer from lethargy and lack of energy. This Dzi also protects against bad luck. It is believed that the 6 eye Dzi bead has the power to eradicate sadness and sufferings and attracts good lucks for its owner. The 6 eyes Dzi will help its owner to achieve liberation from the 6 realms. The 6 realms are aggression, losses, carelessness, anger, ignorance and misery.

3.    Kuan Yin Dzi: Kuan Yin also known as The Goddess of Mercy or Chenrezig in Tebet and wearing this Dzi brings help in all things. Kuan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, and is one of the most popular Bodhisattvas in all of Asia. Her name roughly translates as "The One who Hear the Cries of the World." It is reckoned that Kuan Yin Dzi brings forth mental tranquility, and ensures safety in traffic. She is believed to hear the cries of humans and attempts to assists with reliving the pain human experience.

Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010)

This year is a year of rumors, many villains and legal disasters. You must follow the rules to avoid disasters. Watch out waist abdomen for health, strenuous exercises are not suitable, avoid foods that are wet, dry and oily. This year is suitable to get marry, or confession, can also achieve peaceful break off for those desire it.

 Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Four Eyes: This Dzi Bead is a symbolism of the 4 major Bodhisattvas of Buddhism. The 4 Mahasattva Bodhisattvas are of particular significance in Mahayana texts: Maitreya (popularly known as Laughing Buddha), Avalokitesvara (popularly known as Kwan Yin), Manjusri, and Mahasthamaprapta. This Dzi bead assists to gather wealth & luck, Serves as a protector, and power to ward off evil spirits, clearance of obstacles, and increasing merit & longevity by the 4 Bodhisattvas. Chant the mantras of the 4 Bodhisattvas to energize these beads.

2.    Golden Dorje: The Dorje is a sacred tool that Tibetans and Buddhists use to help them reach enlightenment.  This Dzi Bead bestows health and enhances merit and wisdom. It also possesses special powers, immeasurable control and increases concentration.

3.    Big Man Form Dzi: This fabulous Feng Shui Dzi Bead, also known as the “Great Personage Dzi Bead”, helps to eliminate obstacles, gossips, doubts and wrong views from people around you. It’s a powerful Dzi which create very potent mentor luck. The Dzi attracts important people with higher power or benefactors with capabilities to help you in career, success and everyday life. The mentor luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a helpful people who willing to give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during a hard times, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the term of money but also an opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be an audience to listen.

Rabbit (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011)

Personal views can cause losses easily this year, career and fortune need to disburse before yield comes. Unexpected situation can easily occur in love life, unmarried couples can get marry, those single can recognize their expectations of other half, married couples must uphold to own resolve.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Ten Eyes: This Dzi Bead protects your marriage and enhances the relationship between husband and wife. It is also a good Dzi for enhancing your career development and a most recommended Dzi for those who just started work. This Dzi helps to clear any Karmic hindrances and obstacles. The 10 Eyes Dzi assists the wearer to increases respect-inspiring virtues, live a joyful life perfect in every way and in everything.

2.    Twenty-One Eyes: This Dzi Bead enhances self-intuition and magic. It magnifies the effects of all other Dzi worn together with it. It also enhances good luck and amplifies the effects of any natural crystals worn together. The 21 Eyes Dzi offers the greatest wealth, health, strength, power, and magic to its owner/wearer. This is an extremely powerful and highly sought after bead.

3.    Ruyi Dzi: This Dzi Bead helps to grant all your wishes, bringing about good things for the wearer. It is believed that this Dzi has the discerning power to know the future and protests the owner from making decisions that could lead to great losses. This Dzi is thus very good for those involved in decision-making. The RuYi can help all family members stay away from accidents, disease or illness. This Dzi bead will assist the owner to earn more money and grants the owner wishes, when they are in accordance with the owners greater good. This bead is a wish master, granting the desires and wants of the owner.

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012)

This year easily get injured or have health issues, must be cautious when going wedding or funeral. There are obstacles in job, as long as one take care of own part, can stay steady. Easily have monetary loss, not suitable for high risk speculative activities. Concern more of the other half’s mood.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Nectar Bottle or Treasure Form: This Dzi Bead also called Treasure Form or Poh Phing. The nectar bead is a heart with a cross coming out on the top of it. It prevents death due to back luck, perfects your virtues establishment, helps owner to roll in wealth and gain longevity. The Nectar Bottle assists in bringing the “good things of life”, the milk and honey to life. Nectar is the milk and honey for one’s life. Assists in attracting the sweet things to the owner’s life. All the good things, the great things one would desire for their life are brought to the owner of the nectar Dzi bead. This Dzi bead assists in opening doors, and making the path easy. Generates “feasting” on life. Assists life in becoming “better than you could ever imagine!” The bead can assist the owner in gaining charisma and presence with others.

2.    Dharma Hat: This Dzi Bead brings acceptance of things that happen in life, helping with the journey of Dharma (Dharma means Protection). It enhances one’s inner happiness leading to an improvement of the quality life which stems from our own perception of the world around us. All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma. Practicing Dharma and "wearing" the Dharma hat is the method for improving the quality of our human life. The quality of life depends not upon external development or material progress, but upon the inner development of peace and happiness which Dharma bestows on us.

3.    Mountain and Water: XXXXXXX

Snake (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013)

This year will be smoother, good chance to overcome difficulties, but must be wary of speculative activities that can cause losses. Watch out on blood pressure, heart and eye issues for health, minimize intake of fried and oily food. There will be affections this years, one must be moderate on the good and bad side of it.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Three Eyes: The 3 Eyed Dzi Bead is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortune, the 3 Eyes on the Dzi Bead represents the three stars of luck, namely Happiness, Honor, and Longevity. Some even say that the Dzi Bead actually resembles Kubera, the Hindu Wealth God; it allows the wearer to connect to 3 very important aspects of a person, the body, mind and soul. It is believed that the 3 eye Dzi bead will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. The Three Eyes Dzi also helps to protect its wearer from “Tai Sui” (The Grand Duke of Jupiter), and it is recommended for people who are in conflict or offending or "torturing" with Tai Sui to wear this particular Dzi Bead for protection.

2.    Twelve Eyes: This Dzi Bead will magnify the wearer's Chi energy, enabling him/her to overcome all fears, both in real or imagined. It symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes and signifies the attainment of an excellent reputation and recognition. There will also not be a shortage of opportunities when the DZI gets worn daily.  This is a Dzi for managers and those in positions of Authority. 12-Eyed Dzi stand for courage, fame and good luck. This is a Dzi Bead that represents the 12 Heavenly Generals of the Medicine Buddha who offering protection to its wearer.

3.    Four Line Tiger Tooth: Fearless and resolute, this DZI removes obstacles and bestows health, luck and wealth. This Dzi assists in focusing on what’s important thus allowing for more free time for true relaxation, free of guilt and stress. Tiger tooth Dzi can assist the owner with concentration, determination, and completion. The tiger tooth Dzi bead can also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection. It is suitable for an individual who faces more obstacles and wants to draw strength in overcoming them. Tiger tooth represent toughness and strength, removes obstacles and achieves success. It is believed that the tiger tooth bead is able to help the wearer to prevent calamities, averting misfortune, prospering business, multiplying wealth and improving health.

Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 and 2002)

Year of “Tai Sui”, money comes and goes, must watch out the balance and expenses. Career need to move one step at a time, cannot rush. Watch out on urinary system for health, need to utilize tools carefully. You should widen social network to improve inter-relationship.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Seven Eyes: This Dzi bead brings about a balanced life filled with the 7 essences of life. Wear this Dzi bead to ensure that your life is filled with good reputation, good death, excellent career, luck of wealth, good health, promoted longevity and endless happiness.

2.    Tiger Tooth: The Tiger Tooth Dzi instills confidence and brings forth inner courage to overcome any obstacles and problems. It supports concentration and helps the wearer to make good decisions. This Dzi assists in focusing on what’s important thus allowing for more free time for true relaxation, free of guilt and stress. Tiger tooth Dzi can assist the owner with concentration, determination, and completion. The tiger tooth Dzi bead can also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection. It is suitable for an individual who faces more obstacles and wants to draw strength in overcoming them. Tiger tooth represent toughness and strength, removes obstacles and achieves success. It is believed that the tiger tooth bead is able to help the wearer to prevent calamities, averting misfortune, prospering business, multiplying wealth and improving health.

3.    Garuda: This Dzi is also known as a Fabulous Bird DZI bead, it is a powerful protection Dzi against illness and diseases. The Dzi helps to avoid diseases and pains, dispel all kind of illness, suffering, evil and bad luck of which one is currently experiencing. This Dzi also helps to avoid all confusion, danger and unwanted happenings, especially for those caused by problems relating to politicking, gossips and backbiting. This Dzi bead helps the wearer to lead away from disasters and disturbance. It is good to wear this Dzi Bead if you do a lot of travelling. It is also helps to enhance fame and reputation, so if you are in events or a travelling salesman, this is a MUST-HAVE Dzi Bead to be wear throughout the year of 2014.

Goat (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003)

Career and wealth will be elevating this year, but must be careful when speaking and take care of diet. Must be cautious and fully aware when driving or crossing road. Suitable to get marry this year, or pursuit one crush, married couples can increase their interactions.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Five Eyes Thunder and Lightning: Wearing this bracelet, the owner is said to be blessed of the Five Directional Wealth Gods bestow prosperity, longevity and success in all endeavors. This Dzi also provides divine protection, brings success, luck of wealth and good fortune to the owner. Five Directional Wealth Gods – (White) Accumulate wealth / (Yellow) Good luck and material gain / (Red) Gain useful people, more money, valuables and food / (Black) Good fortune / (Green) Fulfill success and wishes. It is believed that lightning destroys ignorance. Ignorance is seen as the path of pain and suffering. The destruction of ignorance allows room for knowledge to be obtained. This Dzi bead will assist the owner in destroying duality and those sides of one’s self that create limitation, lack of change, disease, depression and all forms of sadness. Therefore, this five eyed with addition of thunder to expedite strong wealth luck as well as endless happiness to the owner.

2.    Golden Hook(aka Money Hook Dzi): Looks like a figure S. It is believed that this Dzi bead will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. It will enhance its owner’s ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him. More importantly, it also will ensure that the wealth will be retained within his control and not slip away. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence, and to enhance his/her reputation further.

3.    Mountain (aka Hill or Peak Dzi): The symbol of the hills peaks or mountains are likened to great support as afforded by the mountains mammoth stability, and along with the elimination of bad luck and obstacles. This Dzi can help to create all forms of support for almost any situation. It is also helps the wearer to impart strength and focus for accomplishing that which needs to be done. The motif of the mountain is denoted by one hill shape over another hill. This Dzi symbolizes courage in face of all things and the commitment to surge forward gallantly. The mountain is represented usually by one larger hump outline with other symbols under it often. Peaks are generally symbolized by two or three pointed but slightly rounded lines one over the other. Hills are represented by the outline of a small or short hump. The mountain often times is pictured with two eyes. This combination represents success and strength for the home, family, and marital relationships. The hill often times represents obstacle or getting over obstacle. Peak is almost always involved with career accomplishment and support. All three represent strength, stability, support. Also represent path, life, and choices.

Monkey (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004)

This year is laborious but low in gain, must be cautious of rumors, suitable to learn something new, and psychologically prepared for unexpected incidents. You will be in troubled because of a monetary activities, love life is normal, chances slipped away easily. Avoid dangerous activities.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Five Eyes: This Dzi Bead represents the blessings of Kubera, the God of Wealth for continued good fortune and long life. This Dzi also brings endless happiness and a contented life to its wearer. The 5 eyes Dzi bead help to attract blessings, success, career advancements, wisdom and all kind of auspicious signs to the Owner. The 5 eyes Dzi bead is considered a magical item and is highly sought after. It assists one in obtaining whatever one desires, so it is all a desire bead.

2.    Thirteen Eyes: This Dzi bead is the symbol of the Five Dhayani Buddhas and 8 Auspicious Objects. Wearing this type of Dzi creates a clam mind and helps in controlling negative feelings. This is an excellent Dzi bead for those who suffering from depression. It also helps one with all forms of communication and expression as well as removes fear from debating with others. The 13 Eyes Dzi also helps to guard against calamities and catastrophes.

3.    Water Lily Dzi: The Lotus Flower Dzi brings peace of mind and tranquility to its owner. This Dzi helps to de-clutter the mind, removing negativity and biased opinions. It also assists the wearer to make right decision and brings good fortune as well as wisdom to the carrier.

Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005)

Wealth can be expected to increase, but not suitable for high risk investment. For health, be cautious on living area and diet, and exercise more to increase body strength. Job is not bad, just the mood can be easily affected. Suitable to get marry for those already have target.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Prosperity and Longevity: This Dzi bead brings prosperity and longevity to its owner. This new enhances Dzi bead will allow you to increase your prosperity and longevity energy to anywhere you go. This Dzi bead also symbolizes the increase of wealth energy. Suitable for the elder who wish to have a long and happy life.

2.    Dragon Eye: This particular dzi bead represents the Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM. It is the Root of Happiness and Good Karma. This dzi can help the owner/wearer to overcome negative forces from foes and competitors. Dragons are considered to reside at and perhaps to be the source of life, and from which all physical life comes. This powerful Dzi help its owner/wearer to achieve happiness, wealth and success in life. Increase access to good luck. Help of Third Eye to increase awareness, ability to sense danger or harm and give clarity.

3.    Eleven Eyes: This magical Dzi helps to increase the wearer knowledge and wisdom. It protects the wearer from the person with evil intentions. This Dzi releases human suffering, brings forth general good fortune in human life and accumulation of Merit. It also can prevent mishaps and dangers and create a safe environment to smoothen the path to success.

Dog (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006)

Good time will come after the pain goes away, there are gains after disbursements. Even though wealth has increased, but easily lost as well. Offend White Tiger for health, thus there will be issues on body injuries. There are happy events in family, spending more time with family can attract auspicious aura.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Nine Eyes: This precious Nine-Eyed DZI bead is strung with crystal beads with mantra, which strongly enhances the power of the DZI. Nine-Eyed Dzi is said to build up a lenient and caring heart for the owner, helps to gain fame and benefits as well as increasing the owner’s wealth. 9 Eyed Dzi is one of the most sought after, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence. This Dzi is touted as a window to wisdom.

The 9-Eyed Dzi bead endows the wearer to expand his intelligence and wisdom. This type of Dzi bead is also well documented in modern Asian circles for its "mysticism" and "power" by several people who wore them and survived near death experiences. This bead is often considered the unofficial wealth bead. The 9 eye Dzi bead may assist the owner of this bead to become rolling in wealth. The wealth will be gained through one’s own work. This bead attracts attention and assists in causing fame to increase. The Nine Eyed Dzi assists the entrepreneur in finding their ideas and strengths. The Nine-Eyed Dzi bead also assists its owner to gather wealth, achieve good health, success in career, gain power, compassion, glory, and expelling evil & acts as a protector.

It is believed that the 9 eye Dzi bead is able assist its owner in achieving the Nine-fold Merits. The Nine-fold merits are compassion, glory, everlasting brightness, fame, dignity, authority, control, reputation and the removal of obstacles. Accumulation of meritorious virtue, increases compassionate, separates from suffering and gains advantage.

Wearing this bracelet, the owner is said to collect nine types of merits, which helps to purify negative karma, dissolving all obstacles and bringing immense benefits. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence, and to enhance his/her reputation further. It also brings luck of wealth and windfall luck to the wearer.

2.    Fifteen Eyes: This Dzi helps to actualize all your wishes, releases suffering and brings forth general good fortune. It is a wish-fulfilling Dzi bead blessed by The Heaven God. It also brings good business luck and many opportunities to the wearer.

3.    Five Prosperity and Longevity: This Dzi helps to accomplish 5 auspicious wish you make in terms of longevity, happiness, good health, wealth and marriage. It helps the wearer on his journey through life. It brings balance between one’s subconscious and conscious mind, and also with stress management. The Dzi helps with the understanding of why things happen and with the acceptance of adversity that comes with the road to success.

Boar (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007)

Wealth is increased this year, must be aware of thievery. More advancement opportunities in career, remember to act according to self’s capabilities. Be cautious on body sprains and urinary system for health. Easily have argument in love life, think from a different perspective, one will realize there are something better.

Recommended wearing Dzi Beads:

1.    Heaven and Earth: Earth is square. Heaven is circle. This Dzi bead combines the 3 main forces in the Universe: Dzi Heaven, Earth & Human. Captures the Energy from the Heaven & Earth, converts it into continuous moving energy to achieve one's goal. It can help you to make your dreams come true. This Dzi makes flawlessness in all areas of one’s life. It is believed that the sky and earth Dzi bead will assist its owner in achieving balance as well as harmony in his/her life. It'll also help to clear any obstacles which may cause harm to its owner. Wealth and good health will also be bestowed on its owner. Businessmen are fond of this Dzi bead as they believe that this bead will bring them great success, wealth and prosperity.

2.    Turtle Shell: The Turtle Shell Dzi is for cultivating good health, leading to longevity and strengthening determination in work accomplishment. It renders protection from sickness caused by spirits and gives bodily protection. It is believed that the Turtle Shell Dzi bead is able to protect the wearer from sickness and diseases. Furthermore, the bead is believed to be able to promote good health and speedy recovery from sickness.

3.    Varja Tiger Tooth Three Eyes: The combination of Varja and the Tiger Tooth symbols create a DZi especially suited for bringing added confidence in facing life’s challenges. This Dzi helps the wearer making right decisions in life, while removing negative thinking. It also helps the wearer to think things through properly. Problems get solved through clam and rational thinking. This powerful Dzi possesses special powers, immeasurable control and increases concentration.